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IRS Oversight Board


The IRS Oversight Board recognizes the importance of setting strategic goals for the IRS and establishing measures to monitor progress in attaining the goals. Strategic goals and measures are the primary methods that enable the Board and the public to gauge the success of the IRS over the long term.

At the Oversight Board’s recommendation, the IRS identified, and the Board approved, long-term measures that can be used to evaluate progress in achieving the goals established by the IRS Strategic Plan: to improve service to make voluntary compliance easier; to enforce the law to ensure everyone meets their obligations to pay taxes; and to invest for high performance.

Annual measures link the IRS’ expected performance to its annual budget.

To review these measures, click on a Strategic Goal below to see planned and actual measures in previous years.

Goal 1:
Improve Service to Make Voluntary Compliance Easier

Goal 2:
Enforce the Law to Ensure Everyone Meets Their Obligations to Pay Taxes

Strategic Foundations:
Invest for High Performance