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International Affairs

            Technical Assistance

Treasury's Office of Technical Assistance supports the development of strong financial sectors and sound public financial management in countries where assistance is needed and there is a strong commitment to reform.

OTA’s core mission is to develop strong financial sectors and sound public financial management in countries where assistance is needed and there is a strong commitment to reform. Government financial management in all countries performs a dual function separate and unique from other executive activities – laying down a framework for national economic growth on one hand, and providing fiscal governance on the other. These responsibilities, when well executed, create the pre-conditions for stability and sustainable progress. Where public financial management is weak, success in public projects is unlikely at best. OTA directs its financial technical assistance efforts to giving countries the foundation on which prosperity and social progress can be built. 

Treasury’s program consists of five core areas:

• Budget Policy and Accountability
• Banking and Financial Services
• Government Debt Issuance and Management
• Financial Crimes
• Revenue Policy and Administration

Long-term, resident advisors with professional experience and proven expertise provide advice and training to Ministers of Finance, Central Bank Governors, and other government officials. Intermittent advisors provide highly specialized technical assistance in support of long-term projects, projects requiring several different specialties, and projects of short duration.

In changing financial environments, government institutions must adopt substantially different policies and procedures, develop their human capital, and provide leadership in order to play an effective role in market economies. As the contours of a market-based financial sector emerge, Treasury's technical assistance program guides financial institutions to adopt policies and procedures which stabilize and strengthen systems, and promote sustainable growth.

The following list provides a cross section of the regions and countries in which Treasury currently has or recently had technical assistance engagements. Since engagements are continually completed and new projects begun, this list should not be viewed as comprehensive.


Africa Asia/Near East Eurasia Latin America/
Angola Afghanistan Albania Colombia
Botswana Algeria Bosnia Costa Rica
Burkina Faso Cambodia Georgia Dominican Republic
Burundi India Kosovo El Salvador
Ghana Indonesia
Moldova Guatemala
Kenya Iraq Ukraine Haiti
Lesotho Laos   Honduras
Liberia Lebanon   Jamaica
Malawi Mongolia   Paraguay
Nigeria Morocco   Uruguay
Rwanda Pakistan    
Senegal Thailand    
Tanzania Viet Nam    
​Deputy Assistant Secretary Larry McDonald directs Treasury's technical assistance program.

Strengthening public financial management capacity is a vital complement to other forms of aid, and a necessary element in overall aid effectiveness. Sound financial systems are preconditions for security, stability and economic growth. Treasury's technical assistance program focuses on five related core areas:


Banking and Finance

Economic Crimes

Government Debt

Revenue Advisory

Treasury also has the ability to assist in related areas, such as auditing, accounting, information technology system development, macroeconomic and monetary policy management, and infrastructure finance. Treasury currently operates programs in more than 50 countries, including Afghanistan, Iraq, and Haiti.

Reports to Congress:

Office of Technical Assistance
740 15th Street NW
4th Floor
Washington, DC 20005

Tel: 202 622 7610
Fax: 202 622 5879
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