Mail-In Bid for Public Auction Sale

I, the undersigned, bid starting at $ __________________________ up to a maximum of $_________________________ on real property offered for sale by public auction on January 10, 2013.   I enclose my payment of $_________________________, which is 100% of my minimum bid and authorize the enclosed payment to be applied against the sale price if I am the successful bidder.  Increments are at the discretion of the auctioneer as dictated by the live bidding.  If I am the successful bidder, I understand the full amount of the final bid must be submitted no later than January 15, 2013.

I understand that this mail-in bid must be in auctioneer's possession at the time of sale, to be included in the sale. Mail in bid is due by January 08, 2013 by 3:00 P.M. (CST).  NOTE: the form of payment and/or bid must comply with the Terms of Payment as stated on the Notice of Public Auction Sale.       (DO NOT SEND CASH)

Description of Property:  real properties located at 127 North Avenue, Pittsburg, TX and 205 & 207 College St, Pittsburg, TX

Please provide (Print) Bidder Information Below:

Name  ___________________________

Phone Number_____________________ 
Cell Number_______________________

Bidder’s Address:__________________________________________________

E-Mail Address _____________________

Fax Number________________________

By submitting this mail-in bid, I understand that:
    This is a mail-in bid for a public auction sale, and it is not a sealed bid sale;
    I must comply with all other conditions as stated in the Notice of Public Auction Sale
    There are advantages that I am forgoing by not being present at the actual sale, such as inspecting the property, hearing any statement by the taxpayer or lien holders, and engaging in open, competitive bidding.

SIGNATURE OF BIDDER: ___________________________________




Submit the bid in a securely sealed envelope with your name, address and date of sale on the upper left corner of the envelope.

Address to submit MAIL-IN BID and Deposit:

Internal Revenue Service,

Attn:  Patricia Hall - PALS

4050 Alpha Road

MC 5135 NDAL

Farmers Branch, TX 75244. 

Annotate the envelope with the following statement: ' MAIL-IN BID - TO BE OPENED BY PALS ONLY"

Total amount of successful bid $_______________
Deposit received $_______________
Balance received Date_________ $_______________
Certificate of Sale issued Date_________
Signature/Title _______________________________________
The deposit submitted with this bid was returned by Mail on ___________, 20__.

Signature/Title ________________________________________