Mail-In Bid for Judicial Sale

I, the undersigned, bid a minimum of $ ___________________  to a maximum of

$_______________________for real property located at 3909 Berrywood Drive, Santa Barbara, California to be sold at Public Auction on January 28, 2014.

I enclose my payment of _______________________ which is at least twenty percent (20 percent) of my high bid amount, and I authorize the enclosed payment to be applied against the sales price if I am the successful bidder.  Only cashier’s or certified checks will be accepted by mail.  Note:  If you attend the auction you may also pay in cash. I agree to pay the balance of the bid amount by cashier’s or certified check made payable to the United States Treasury by 5:00 p.m. within three days (3) after the bid is accepted.  I understand that if I do not pay the balance within three days, I will lose my deposit.

I understand that this mail-in bid must be received at the address below by January 24, 2014 to be included in the sale.   NOTE: the form of payment and/or bid must comply with the Terms of Payment as stated on the Notice of Judicial Sale.

Bidder's Name (Print) _______________________________________________________
Bidder's Phone Number_____________________________________________________
Bidder's Address: __________________________________________________________

By submitting this mail-in bid, I understand that:
    This is a mail-in bid for a Judicial Sale, and it is not a sealed bid sale;
    I must comply with all other conditions as stated in the Notice of Judicial Sale
    There are advantages that I am forgoing by not being present at the actual sale, such as inspecting the property, hearing any statements, and engaging in   open, competitive bidding.

SIGNATURE OF BIDDER: __________________________________

Submit the bid in a securely sealed envelope with your name, address and date of sale on the upper left corner of the envelope. Address to submit MAIL-IN BID and Remittance:


Kathryn Clark

Property Appraisal & Liquidation Specialist

Internal Revenue Service

55 S. Market St., Stop HQ-5410

San Jose, CA 95113


Annotate the envelope with: ' MAIL-IN BID - TO BE OPENED BY KATHRYN CLARK’

Total amount of successful bid $_______________
Deposit received $_______________
Balance received Date_________ $_______________

Signature/Title _______________________________________
The deposit submitted with this bid was returned by Mail on ____________, 2014
Signature/Title ________________________________________