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Notice of Public Auction Sale
Under the authority in Internal Revenue Code section 6331, the property described below has been seized for nonpayment of internal revenue taxes due from Taxpayer. The property will be sold at public auction as provided by Internal Revenue Code section 6335 and related regulations.
Time:11:30 AM
Open House:10:00AM to 11:00AM on 11/08
Bidder Registration Time:10:30 AM
Sale Location: 4495 S Pine Street, Spartanburg, South Carolina 29302
Title Offered: Only the right, title and interest of the Taxpayer in and to the property will be offered for sale. If requested, the Internal Revenue Service will furnish information about possible encumbrances, which may be useful in determining the value of the interest being sold.
Description of Property: 1.13 Acres; building 1899 sq ft; built 1990; Address:4495 S Pine Street, Spartanburg, SC
Property May Be Inspected at:
Open house from 10:00AM to 11:00AM on 11/08 at address above
Legal Description: All that certain piece, parcel or tract of land located in the County of Spartanburg, State of South Carolina, on the north side of S. C. Highway 9, being known and designated as Lot No.6 as shown on plat prepared for Gilmore Construction Company, Inc. by Gooch & Taylor, Surveyors, dated October 19, 1971, revised June 13, 1974, more recently shown and delineated on plat of survey for Wesley K. Wilber, dated January 28, 1997, by S. W. Donald Land Surveying, recorded in Deed Book 68-G, page 129, Office of the Register of Deeds for Spartanburg County. For a more full and particular description, reference is hereby specifically made to the aforesaid plat recorded in Deed Book 68-G, page 129. Said piece, parcel or tract of land was conveyed to Kaylene B. Wilber by Kaylene B. Wilber, Personal Representative of the Estate of Wesley K. Wilber, by deed of distribution dated May 18, 2003, recorded on May 22, 2003, in Deed Book 77-Y, page 330, Office of the Register of Deeds for Spartanburg County.
This conveyance is made subject to any restrictions, reservations, zoning ordinances or easements that appear of record on the recorded plat(s) or on the premises.
Minimum Bid: $19,085.68
Bid Note: Mail in bids accepted
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The Terms of Payment: Full payment required on acceptance of highest bid.
Form of Payment: All payments must be by cash, certified check, cashier´s or treasurer´s check or by a United States postal, bank, express, or telegraph money order. Make check or money order payable to the United States Treasury.
For additional information about the property and proposed sale, please contact the following office:
Name:Darlene Jones
Title: PALS
Bureau: IRS
Address: 4041 N Central Ave, MS 5014
Phoenix, AZ, 85012
Phone: (602) 501-2146
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Corner View Front of Property
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View of Back Lot
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Side View of Building
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Bay Area
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For additional information, please contact Darlene Jones
Updated: 11/9/2012
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