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IRS Oversight Board Public Forum Agenda
May 2, 2013
Internal Revenue Service, 7th Floor Auditorium OB
1111 Constitution Avenue, Washington DC

Notes from the 2013 IRS Oversight Board Public Forum

Advancing Tax Administration

Panel 1: Focus Forward – The Next Five Years in Tax Administration

The panel will discuss the future of tax administration over the next five years. Potential topics to be covered include the IRS Real Time Tax Exploratory Effort, growth and potential in the information return document arena, and opportunities to advance IRS Online Services to better meet the needs of taxpayers. 

Panel 2: Working Together to Combat Fraud

The panel will discuss how the IRS and its partners can work together to prevent fraud. Potential topics to be covered include strategies for combatting return preparer fraud, potential uses of a return preparer database, and security of preparer data.   

Panel 3: The View from the Global Table

The panel will discuss the emerging issues in the international arena, including the challenge of how limited resources should be allocated to meet goals and objectives yet satisfy external expectations of good service and reduced compliance burden. Potential topics to be covered include the types of customer service that international taxpayers need and how to create an environment which supports compliant behavior and reduces opportunities for non-compliant behavior.  

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