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IRS Oversight Board Public Forum

January 27, 2003
Rayburn House Office Building, Room B-318

Panel 1: The Future Direction of Electronic Tax Administration

How will electronic tax administration best meet the future needs of taxpayers and tax professionals? What will be the impact of new and innovative programs such as EZ-File, electronic filing for corporation returns, E-services for professionals? What must the IRS do to provide equal access through electronic transactions to all types of external stakeholders, including taxpayers, tax professionals, and third-party service providers?


Panel 2: Enforcement Challenges

Given that new areas of non-compliance and aggressive taxpayer behavior threaten to overwhelm existing IRS resources, how should the IRS’ enforcement strategies change to more effectively employ limited resources? What will be the impact of current IRS initiatives such as the K-1 matching program and the National Research Program?


Panel 3: Effective Collection Strategies

How can IRS be more effective in its collection strategies? Panelists will address the troubled Offer-in-Compromise program, as well as proposed programs such as collection outsourcing. Are the avenues that taxpayers use for problem resolution, Appeals and the Taxpayer Advocate Service, effectively interacting with the IRS operating divisions to solve taxpayer problems?


Panel 4: Workforce Empowerment

From both internal and external perspectives, what are the issues affect the ability of the workforce to provide service, such as access and communication? How do IRS’ training programs impact employees’ empowerment and ability to resolve problems at the lowest level? What “best practices” from the private sector could IRS adopt to improve learning and productivity?


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