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IRS Oversight Board Public Forum

January 29, 2002
Rayburn House Office Building, Room B-318

Panel 1: Enforcing Compliance

How can the IRS apply enforcement resources more effectively for both businesses and individuals, particularly in applying these resources more systemically and/or improving fairness of enforcement?


Panel 2: Reducing Taxpayer Burden

Are there improved or new services or products that the IRS should be offering that would either reduce taxpayer burden or improve tax administration, particularly, but not limited to, new or improved means of electronic interaction with the IRS?


Panel 3: Improving Operations

How can the IRS change, within the limits of existing tax policy, its current tax administration processes or organizational structure for dealing with taxpayers to either make itself more efficient or make life easier for taxpayers?


Panel 4: Strengthening the IRS Workforce

What new capabilities, such as tools or research results, should IRS employees have to become more efficient and effective, or reduce taxpayer burden?


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