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IRS Oversight Board Public Forum

February 1, 2005
Cannon House Office Building, Room 311

Welcome and Introductions: Raymond T. Wagner, Jr., IRS Oversight Board Chair (1:15)

Keynote Speaker: Congressman Rob Portman (R-OH) (1:30)

Panel Presentations and Discussions:
Each panelist will present oral comments and take questions from Board members. The panelists and the Board are encouraged to engage in open discussion.

Panel 1 (1:45 – 3:15)

Panel 1: Leverage - Considering the size of the tax gap, how can the IRS leverage its external stakeholders to achieve a more highly compliant taxpayer population?
Declining resources and taxpayer voluntary compliance coupled with increasing tax law complexity and the prevalence of abusive tax avoidance transactions create tremendous demands on the tax administration system. How can the IRS work more closely with stakeholders to both educate taxpayers and increase taxpayer levels of voluntary compliance? What more can professional organizations do to protect the integrity of our tax administration system?

Break (3:15 – 3:30)

Panel 2 Presenters (3:30 –5:00)

Panel 2: Streamlining Tax Administration - How can the IRS help taxpayers and its own enforcement efforts through administrative simplification?
How can the IRS streamline its own processes in areas such as targeted examinations, improved data analysis, and currency and clarity of data, to enhance compliance efforts? What are other areas where the IRS could simplify the ways in which it does business with taxpayers to decrease taxpayer burden in complying with administrative processes and increase voluntary compliance?

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