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IRS Oversight Board Public Forum

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The IRS Oversight Board will hold a public forum on Tuesday, February 17th from 1:00-5:15 PM. A reception will follow.  The forum will be held at the U.S. Department of Treasury, 1500 Pennsylvania Ave., NW, Room 4121, Washington, DC 20220.

To participate in the forum, you must provide your full name, organization, date of birth and Social Security Number so you may access the main Treasury building. Call Joelle Jordan at 202-288-3241 to register.

February 17, 2009
Department of the Treasury, Room 4121


Welcome and Introductions: Paul Cherecwich, IRS Oversight Board Chair (1:00)

Panel Discussions:

Panel 1: Given the questions that the IRS currently uses to measure employee engagement and the results from the last annual employee survey, what specific actions do you suggest IRS take to increase employee engagement? (1:15 –2:30)

Moderator: Bob Tobias, IRSOB Operations Committee Chair

  • Bernadine Karunaratne, Senior Managing Consultant, The Gallup Organization
  • Dr. Peter Rutigliano, Vice President and Senior Consultant, Sirota Survey Intelligence
  • Doug Nierle, Senior Research Analyst, Merit Systems Protection Board
  • Maureen Gilman, Legislative Director, National Treasury Employees Union

Panel 2: Risk Management: The IRS must take a comprehensive approach to risk mitigation to ensure business continuity and protection of the tax system. How does your organization manage the various categories of risk, from both inside and outside the entity and from business-driven, data-driven, and event-driven risks; and develop capabilities to predict, prevent and mitigate areas of vulnerability? How can the Board help the IRS anticipate and prepare for unforeseen risk? (2:30 – 3:45)

Moderator: Deborah Wince-Smith, Board Member
  • James B. Porter, former Chief Engineer and Vice President for Safety and Health, Dupont
  • Mark T. Layton, Global Managing Partner, Enterprise Risk Services, Deloitte & Touche, LLP
  • Eileen  K. Murray, President, Duff Capital Advisors

Break (3:45 –4:00)

Panel 3: The Internal Revenue Service: Investment or Expense? (4:00 – 5:15)

Moderator: Paul Cherecwich, Board Chair

  • Lawrence B. Gibbs, former IRS Commissioner, Member, Miller & Chevalier
  • Charles Rossotti, former IRS Commissioner, Senior Advisor, The Carlyle Group
  • Gene Steurerle, Vice President, The Peter G. Peterson Foundation
  • Eric Toder, Senior Fellow, Urban Institute and Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center

Meet and Greet Reception (5:15 – 6:00)

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