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 U.S. Financial Firms' Liabilities to Foreign Residents

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STATISTICS (2-18-2014)reported by banks and other financial firms (previously by banks; see news #3.a below)

  1. Liabilities to all foreign residents, by type and holder
    Note: Short-term U.S. securities held by foreigners are included (see News #2(a) below.):
    1. Recent data. Also available in "CSV" format.
    2. Historical data. Also available in "CSV" format.

  2. Liabilities by type and country and region:
    1. (1-16-2014) Recent data: Total banking & short-term securities liabilities by country. Also available in "CSV" format.
    2. By Country (see News #2(b) on short-term securities)

    3. Grand Total (total of all countries). (2,000 KB). Also, data before February 2003.
    4. Global (includes a set for each country). Also available in "CSV" and "txt (tab-delimited)" formats, to download for spreadsheets. The list of country codes-country names is available at the tab "Using TIC" in the grey bar above, over the word "statistics". Also, data before February 2003 (2,090 KB); in  "CSV" and "txt (tab-delimited)" formats.
    5. Europe & Canada. Also, data before February 2003.
    6. Latin America & Caribbean. Also, data before February 2003.
    7. Asia. Also, data before February 2003.
    8. Africa, International Organizations, & Others. Also, data before February 2003.


  1. Quarterly Analysis and Charts (PDF).

  2. Short-term negotiable U.S. securities and CDs are included in the banking liabilities data on this webpage.
    1. In section A above, the aggregated data for all foreign residents show foreign holdings of (1) U.S. Treasury bills (lines 5,10,15,35), (2) Other short-term securities and CDs (lines 6,11,16,36), (3) short-term U.S. agency securities (line 37), and (4) negotiable CDs (line 38).
    2. In section B above, the country data show holdings by foreign residents of (1) U.S. Treasury bills (column 9), (2) Other short-term securities (column 10), and negotiable CDs (column 11).

  3. Data-Series Breaks and Other Changes:
    1. 2013. Effective with the release on February 18, 2014, the TIC report underlying the monthly bank-reported statistics on this webpage was redefined to include all financial firms. The TIC report underlying the quarterly nonbank statistics was redefined to include only nonfinancial firms, effective with the March 18, 2014 release. As a result, beginning with the data as of December 2013, a number of data reporters that are nonbank financial firms were shifted from the nonbank statistics, now called the nonfinancial statistics, to the monthly banking statistics, now called the monthly financial-firm reported statistics.
    2. 2008-2009: Effective with the data release on September 16, 2009, a number of institutions were reclassified in the TIC system as bank holding companies. These data reporters are now included in the monthly bank-reported statistics above and are no longer reporting only quarterly as nonbanks. This change in reporter classification affects data going back to October 2008.
    3. Changes beginning with data as of February 2003.
5/19/2014 11:49 AM