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2014 OFAC Recent Actions

Date Description
04/18/2014 Release of OFAC Enforcement Information​
​04/17/2014 ​Zimbabwe Designations; Zimbabwe Designations Removals
04/11/2014 ​Ukraine-related Designations
​04/10/2014 ​Counter Narcotics Designations; Counter Narcotics Designation Updates
04/09/2014 Counter Terrorism Designations; Kingpin Act Designation
04/07/2014​ Frequently Asked Questions on Iran/TSRA General Licenses​
04/03/2014 ​Issuance of South Sudan-related Executive Order
04/02/2014 Release of OFAC Enforcement Information​
04/01/2014 Publication of Updated Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Burma Sanctions​
04/01/2014​ Counter Terrorism Designation Removal
03/31/2014​ Release of OFAC Enforcement Information​
03/26/2014 ​Kingpin Act Designation
03/20/2014​ Issuance of a new Ukraine-related Executive Order​
03/20/2014 Ukraine-related Designations
03/20/2014 ​Publication of Iran General License G
03/18/2014​ 2014 OFAC Sanctions Symposium Registration Open​
03/17/2014​ Issuance of a new Ukraine-related Executive Order; Ukraine-related Designations
03/13/2014​ 4th Quarter FY2013 Report for Licensing Activities Undertaken Pursuant to the Trade Sanctions Reform and Export Enhancement Act of 2000 (TSRA)​
​03/13/2014 ​Kingpin Act Designations
03/07/2014​ 2014 OFAC Symposiums​
03/06/2014​ Release of OFAC Enforcement Information​
03/06/2014   Issuance of Ukraine-related Executive Order
02/27/2014​ Reminder about the Removal of the .exe SDN and PLC Archives​
02/27/2014 ​Kingpin Act Designations
02/20/2014​ Iran Sanctions Act Removals
02/19/2014 Kingpin Act Designation; Counter Narcotics Designations Removals​​
02/14/2014​ Kingpin Act Designations​
​02/11/2014 ​Kingpin Act Designations
02/07/2014 ​Publication of Iran General License D-1 and Related Frequently Asked Questions
02/07/2014​ Balkans Designations Removals​
​02/06/2014 ​Counter Terrorism Designations; Iran Sanctions Designations; Non-proliferation Designations
02/06/2014 ​Identification of Foreign Sanctions Evaders and the Publication of a New Foreign Sanctions Evaders List
02/05/2014​ Counter Terrorism Designations​​​
02/04/2014 OFAC Issues General License No. 9 under the Weapons of Mass Destruction Proliferators Sanctions Regulations​​
01/27/2014 Release of OFAC Enforcement Information​​
01/24/2014​ 2nd and 3rd Quarter FY2013 Reports for Licensing Activities Undertaken Pursuant to the Trade Sanctions Reform and Export Enhancement Act of 2000 (TSRA)​
01/23/2014​ Settlement Agreement between the U.S. Department of the Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control and Clearstream Banking, S.A. ​
01/23/2014 Counter Terrorism Designations​​
01/20/2014 Publication of Guidance and other Materials Relating to the Provision of Certain Temporary Sanctions Relief in Order to Implement the Joint Plan of Action Reached On November 24, 2013 Between The P5+1 and The Islamic Republic Of Iran​
01/16/2014 Kingpin Act Designation​
01/10/2014 Counter Terrorism Designations​
01/08/2014​ Kingpin Act Designation​
01/07/2014​ Counter Terrorism Designations
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