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OFAC Technical Actions (in reverse chronological order)

May 2014  
05/21/2014 Announcing the availability of SSL/HTTPS for the download of OFAC's SDN and FSE List Files
February 2014  
02/27/2014 Reminder about the Removal of the .exe SDN and PLC Archives
December 2013  
12/05/2013 Retirement of the PLCDAT32.EXE and PLC_DAT.EXE PLC Archive File​s
12/03/2013 Retirement of SDALLW32.EXE SDN Archive
August 2013  
08/08/2013 Truncation of Records in OFAC's Delimited and Fixed-width Legacy Files
June 2012  
Introduction of New Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons List production system
August 2011  
Correction to alias record
May 2011  
Change to SDN archive files
March 2011  
Test files for April 14 specification change
February 2011  
City field width error in add.* files
January 2011  
OFAC to no longer issue SDN files in 16 bit exe archive
October 2010  
10/13/2010 Error in certain SDN fixed width (.FF) files
April 2010  
04/27/2010 Ampersand (&) alias additions
04/13/2010 Issue with SDN record number 10761
February 2010  
02/12/2010 Error in certain SDN files
September 2009  
09/01/2009 Notice of large-scale SDN list data standardization
January 2009  
01/15/2009 Improperly placed data in all SDN data files
October 2008  
10/15/2008 Change of  IP address for Government Printing Office File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
10/03/2008 UID sequence error in all SDN data files
July 2008  
07/08/2008 Error in all SDN files
March 2008  
03/20/2008 Problems opening the SDNLIST.PDF file
November 2007  
11/05/2007 Fixed invalid ID type: "cedula number."
March 2007  
03/30/2007 Error in ADD files.
February 2007  
02/16/2007 Release of new SDN data format
02/16/2007 Error in XML file
December 2006  
12/13/2006 Error in .ff  files for 12/12/2006
June 2006  
06/15/2006 Further modification of SDN data formats -- Fixed Width only
06/01/2006 Modification of SDN data formats (excludes XML version of the data).
January 2006  
01/05/2006 Difficulty accessing 1/4/2006 SDN update
May 2005  
05/25/2005 Change to SDN.XML and SDN.XSD files.
March 2005  
03/03/2005 Addition of Comma to .del; .ff; and .csv files
January 2005  
01/25/2005 End of parallel release of legacy formats
01/06/2005 Change to SDN.XML and SDN.XSD files.
December 2004  
12/21/2004 Fix to remarks field quotes issue.
12/08/2004 Minor modification to new SDN data formats
12/06/2004 Release of new SDN data formats
Last Updated: 5/21/2014 6:37 PM