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What is TIGTA

Meet the IG

TIGTA Offices

Organizational Chart

Strategic Plan

City Center Building
1401 H Street, NW, Suite 469
Washington, DC 20005

Inspector General

J. Russell George
Inspector General for Tax Administration
(202) 622-6500

Michael R. Phillips
Acting Principal Deputy Inspector General
(202) 622-6500

Karen Kraushaar
Communications Director
(202) 622-6500

Office of Investigations

Timothy Camus
Deputy Inspector General for Investigations
(202) 927-7160

Randy Silvis
Assistant Inspector General for Investigations - Field Divisions
(202) 927-7182

Deputy Assistant Inspector General for Investigations - Field Operations
(202) 927-0150

Michael Delgado
Assistant Inspector General for Investigations - Headquarters Operations
(202) 927-7160

James Jackson
Deputy Assistant Inspector General for Investigations - Headquarters Operations
(202) 927-0029

TIGTA Hotline
(800) 366-4484

Operations Division
(202) 927-7160

Technical and Firearms Support Division
(301) 210-8700

Electronic Crimes and Intelligence Division
(202) 283-2122

Procurement Fraud Division
(202) 927-7023

Bernard Williams
Internal Affairs Division
(202) 927-7197

Office of Audit

Michael McKenney
Deputy Inspector General for Audit
(202) 622-6510

Gregory Kutz
Assistant Inspector General
Management Services and Exempt Organizations
(202) 622-5089

Russell Martin
Acting Assistant Inspector General
Returns Processing and Account Services
(978) 684-9089

Bryce Kisler
Assistant Inspector General
Compliance and Enforcement Operations
(206) 221-5971

Alan R. Duncan
Assistant Inspector General
Security and Information Technology Services
(202) 622-5894

Nancy LaManna
Acting Assistant Inspector General
Management Planning and Workforce development
(202) 927-7076

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