Treasury DO Multi-Tracks and Queues

Treasury's FOIA requests are placed in a multitrack processing queue, e.g., simple, complex, and expedited processing track, to process requests on a first in, first out basis within each track. This process permits Treasury to respond to relatively simple requests more quickly than requests involving complex and/or voluminous records.  The Offices of Terrorism and Financial Intelligence, Community Development Financial Institutions, Financial Research, and the Inspector General requests are not included in the report. This report will be updated weekly. You may submit an inquiry regarding your FOIA case at



Annual FOIA Reports

The FOIA requires each federal agency to submit an Annual Report to the Attorney General each year. These reports contain detailed statistics on the numbers of requests received and processed by each agency, the time taken to respond, and the outcome of each request, as well as many other vital statistics regarding the administration of the FOIA at federal departments and agencies.

FY17   XML
FY15   XML
FY14   XML
FY13   XML
FY12   XML
FY11   XML
FY10   XML


Chief FOIA Officer Reports

Attorney General Holder's FOIA Guidelines require the Chief FOIA Officer for each federal agency to submit a report to the Attorney General containing a detailed description of the steps taken by the agency to improve FOIA compliance and transparency. These reports contain details of FOIA administration at each agency, as well as the steps taken to implement Attorney General Holder's FOIA Guidelines during each reporting year.

Quarterly FOIA Reports is a government-wide portal for the Freedom of Information Act that was developed as part of the Department of Justice's Open Government plan.  At, you have access to all the FOIA data collected by the Department of Justice on behalf of the federal government.  Treasury's Quarterly FOIA Reports are utilized to populate the data tables at and are available in open formats below:

FY18 -- Q4 2018
FY18 -- Q3 2018
FY18 – Q2 2018
FY18 – Q1 2018
FY17 – Q4 2017
FY17 – Q3 2017
FY17 – Q2 2017
FY17 – Q1 2017
FY16 – Q4 2016
FY16 – Q3 2016
FY16 – Q2 2016
FY16 – Q1 2016
FY15 – Q4 2015
FY15 – Q3 2015
FY15 – Q2 2015
FY15 – Q1 2015
FY14 – Q4 2014
FY14 – Q3 2014
FY14 – Q2 2014
FY14 – Q1 2014
FY13 – Q4 2013
FY13 – Q3 2013
FY13 – Q2 2013
FY13 – Q1 2013

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