Welcome Pennies“The Federal Presence: U.S. Mint Buildings Across the Nation” is the online version of a permanent exhibit on display in the Treasury Building in Washington, D.C., produced by the Office of the Curator. Research for this project was conducted in the summer of 2004 by Paul Andrija Ranogajec, summer intern in the Office of the Curator and graduate student in the architectural history at the University of Virginia.

​Paul Ranogajec would like to thank the following individuals and groups for their help in the research and preparation of this exhibit: Lynn Zaycosky, Printing and Graphics Office and the Web Services team, Department of the Treasury; Greg Lambousy, Director of Collections, Louisiana State Museum; Hala Hijazi, Secretary of the Old Mint Task Force, City of San Francisco; Ward Childs, City Archivist, Philadelphia, PA; Wayne T. De Cesar, Archivist, National Archives, College Park, MD; Matthew DiBiase, Archives Technician, National Archives, Philadelphia, PA; Staff of the Cartographic and Architectural Records Division, National Archives, College Park, MD;Staff of the Still Pictures Division, National Archives, College Park, MD; Staff of the Textual Archives Division, National Archives, College Park, MD; Reference staff of the National Archives Library, Washington, DC and the Reference staff of the Library of Congress.

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