Treasury Finances

T-Bills, Notes & Bonds Online Provides an easy-to-use guide for new Treasury security investors, frequently asked questions, auction data and interest rate data.

Daily Treasury Statement Summarizes the US Treasury's cash and debt operations for the Federal Government on a modified cash basis.

Monthly Treasury Statement  Summarizes the financial activities of the federal government and off-budget federal entities in accordance with the Budget of the U.S. Government. Presents a summary of receipts and outlays, surplus or deficit, and means of financing on a modified cash basis.

Treasury Bulletin Contains a mix of narrative, tables, and charts related to: Treasury issues, Federal financial operations, International statistics, Liabilities, and Financial commitments of the U.S. government.

Treasury International Capital (TIC) System The Treasury International capital reporting system is responsible for the regular collection and maintenance of information on international capital movements and investment positions, excluding direct investment.

Federal Budget Contains the most current Budget of the United States Government, the Budget Message of the President, information on the President's budget and management priorities, and budget overviews organized by agency, including assessments of their performance. It also includes a link to past Budgets.

Congressional Budget Office Projections CBO's budget projections give the Congress a baseline against which to measure the effects of proposed changes in tax and spending laws. The projections start with the Congress's most recent budgetary decisions and show what would happen to the federal budget if no policy changes were made over the projection period.

Long-Term Obligations Contains a variety of documents, including: a summary of the Annual Social Security and Medicare Trustees Report, Annual report on the status of the Social Security program, fact sheet on the Social Security program and statistical tables.


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