Procurement Policy & Regulations

Department of the Treasury Acquisition Regulations (DTAR


Department of the Treasury Acquisition Procedures (DTAP)


Acquisition Procedures Update (APU)




Archived versions of the DTAP

Active Treasury Acquisition Bulletins


Treasury Procurement Directives

Treasury Directive (TD 12-11), Procurement Authority
Treasury Directive (TD 76-01), Treasury Acquisition/Procurement Regulation
Treasury Directive (TD 76-02), Use of Procurement Authority
Treasury Directive (TD 76-06), Request for Contract Audit Services

Policy Handbooks and Guides

Treasury Interagency Agreement Guide
Treasury Intradepartmental Purchase Request (TIPR)

Fraud Poster for Treasury Vendors: As per 52.203-14 (b) (1) (i) “Display of Hotline Poster(s)” Contractor shall prominently display in common work areas within business segments performing work under this contract and at contract work sites. Please print out the PDF copy of the poster for display. Send your innovative ideas concerning ways to improve Treasury’s Procurement Regulations and Policies to OfficeoftheProcurementExecutive@treasury.gov


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