Information Quality Guidelines


The DASIS/CIO shall:

  • provide management and oversight to the Treasury-wide implementation of the law;
  • develop and issue final information quality guidelines and post them on the Internet, by October 1, 2002;
  • coordinate standards formulation and posting by the bureaus and the Departmental Offices; and
  • report to the Director of OMB the number of and nature of complaints regarding compliance with the guidelines for the quality of disseminated information and how such complaints were resolved.

Treasury Bureaus and the Departmental Offices shall:

  • develop and issue final implementation plan for ensuring and maximizing the quality, objectivity, utility, and integrity of information, including statistical information, and post them to the Internet, by October 1, 2002;
  • develop an administrative mechanism for receiving and responding to information quality complaints;
  • designate a neutral organization responsible to serve as final arbiter regarding an appeal of the Bureau/Department Office decision on an information quality complaint; and
  • designate officials(s) to be responsible for compliance with the information quality processes within their organization and who shall:
    1. maintain quality information procedures and educate officials on their use;
    2. develop and manage an administrative mechanism for receiving and responding to information quality complaints and appeals;
    3. provide multiple media sources for the filing of complaints (via mail, Internet, etc.);
    4. post the information quality procedures and the administrative mechanism on the official Internet Web pages by October 1, 2002;
    5. keep official records on complaints beginning October 1, 2002, and retain statistics necessary for annual reports to DASIS/CIO; and
    6. prepare annual reports to DASIS/CIO beginning November 1, 2003.
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