Domestic Finance

            Policy and Legislative Review

Provides the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Government Financial Policy and other senior Treasury officials with financial policy analyses and recommendations on legislative and other proposals involving Government borrowing, lending, and investing.  This includes being involved in policy setting for loan and loan guarantee programs, regulation writing for loan guarantee programs, determining investment policies for numerous Federal accounts, setting terms and conditions for Agency borrowing from Treasury, and answering inquiries from other Agencies and Congress regarding Government borrowing, lending, and investment;

Works closely with the Office of Management and Budget and other Federal agencies in developing and implementing Federal credit program policies and procedures; and

Analyzes and recommends changes to legislative proposals (working with OMB) to bring them into conformity with Treasury financial policies.

For more information contact: policyandlegislativereview@do.treas.gov
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Last Updated :12/13/2010 9:12 PM