Infrastructure Operations

The Infrastructure Operations program is responsible for the policy, operations, and oversight of a wide range of telecommunications services for Treasury offices and Bureaus. This includes voice services, voice-conferencing, video-conferencing, and local and wide area network data services.

The Infrastructure Operations program supports Treasury operations and business functions by providing a wide range of telecommunications and information technology (IT) services to Treasury bureaus and offices.

The program is responsible for: 

  • Developing telecommunications policy, standards, and guidance  
  • Managing enterprise voice, video, and data services  
  • Supporting IT applications and infrastructure for Treasury Departmental Offices 
  • Ensuring the security, resiliency, and redundancy of Treasury telecommunications and IT infrastructure 
  • Telecommunications Operations - Provides comprehensive administration, service delivery, and customer service for common voice, data, and video requirements across Treasury.

  • Delivers cost-effective telecommunications services
  • Provides program oversight and contract management
  • Leads innovation and modernization in telecommunications services

    Headquarters IT - Manages IT operations for Treasury Headquarters offices including the Office of the Secretary.
  • Delivers office automation, desktop support, and application development services
  • Manages wireless and remote access solutions
  • Provides program oversight and contract management
  • Supports executive conference and multimedia requirements for the Office of the Secretary

    Telecommunications Policy and Management - Develops short and long-range policies, plans and guidelines for the efficient management of telecommunications operations and resources.
  • Develops and maintains processes, procedures, and standards
  • Promotes and implements industry best practices
  • Ensures responsible management of Treasury IT investments in telecommunications

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