Legislative Affairs

​The mission of the office of Assistant Secretary for Legislative Affairs is to advise the Secretary on congressional relations matters in order to assist in the formulation of policy and determining the overall direction of the Department.  The Office serves as the principal contact and coordinator for all Department interaction with the Congress and the Congressional Relations offices in the White House and other Departments and agencies.
The Office develops strategies to implement legislative initiatives, communicates Treasury’s positions to the Congress, and keeps the Department informed of Congressional objectives, concerns, activities, and interests.  In addition, the Office responds directly to Congressional inquiries and facilitates replies from other offices in the Department, monitors the flow of Congressional correspondence to ensure accurate and prompt response, coordinates Departmental testimony before Congressional Committees and advises the Department on Congressional concerns during policy formation.

​If you are not a Member of Congress or their staff, please call 202-622-2000.

The Office of Legislative Affairs welcomes inquiries from Members of Congress and their staff.  In order to facilitate a timely response to your inquiry, please email or fax the inquiry as directed below.  If necessary, you may also mail a letter to the address provided.  Please be aware that a letter sent via mail may arrive later than one transmitted through other means. 

Fax:  202-622-0534
Email: LegAffairs@treasury.gov
To reach a Legislative Affairs representative, please call us at 202-622-1900
Inquiries can be mailed to the following address:
Room 3134
Office of Legislative Affairs
Department of Treasury
1500 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
Washington, DC 20220



Assistant Secretary for Legislative Affairs 

Drew Maloney

Senior Advisor

Brady Howell

Special Advisor  

Brittany Carey

Executive Assistant

Linda L. Powell 

Deputy Assistant Secretary for Legislative Affairs
(Appropriations & Management)
​​Jennifer Debes Bang


Special Advisor
(Appropriations & Management)

Francisco Riojas

Deputy Assistant Secretary for Legislative Affairs
(Banking and Finance)


Deputy Assistant Secretary for Legislative Affairs
(International Affairs)

Stephen Pavlick

Deputy Assistant Secretary for Legislative Affairs
(Tax and Budget)

Bradley Bailey

Deputy Assistant Secretary for Legislative Affairs
(Terrorism & Financial Intelligence)

Luke Ballman









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