Asset Management

​The Office of Asset Management (OAM) improves the quality of Treasury's management of it's assets.
​The mission of the Office of Asset Management is to ensure effective implementation of agency real and personal property asset management program policy, compliance with federal regulatory requirements, and the accomplishment of agency economy and efficiency and sustainability program goals.

Asset Management

Real Property

The purpose of the Real Property Management Program is to interpret Federal statutes, policy, rules and regulations that are designed to regulate the use and control of real estate used by the Department of the Treasury. Those rules and regulations are promulgated in the Codes of Federal Regulations (FPMR), Executive Orders (EO) and other official documents.


Personal Property

The Personal Property Program covers those tangible, non-Information Technology assets, which are neither buildings nor grounds. This covers a wide area, which includes, but is not limited to, furniture and furnishings, motor vehicles, aircraft, marine vessels, specialized equipment, and even office supplies.

The mission of the Personal Property Program is to provide valued added guidance and direction in the establishment and maintenance of asset management oriented practices and procedures for the most cost effective planning, budgeting, acquisition, use, maintenance, and replacement of personal property assets. 

Fleet Property

Employee Transportation

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