Terrorism and Financial Intelligence

            Office of Intelligence and Analysis (OIA)

Intelligence has played an important role in the exercise of the responsibilities and operations of the Treasury Department since the Department assumed its enforcement responsibilities in 1789. The mission and culture of Treasury's Office of Intelligence and Analysis, created under the Intelligence Authorization Act of 2004, builds on this strong tradition of intelligence and national security at the Department.

OIA advances national security and protects financial integrity by informing Treasury decisions with timely, relevant, and accurate intelligence and analysis.  It supports this mission by:

  • Driving intelligence to meet the priorities of Treasury decision-makers and external customers.
  • Producing all-source assessments and other material to identify threats and vulnerabilities in licit and illicit networks that may be addressed by Treasury-led action.
  • Delivering timely, accurate, relevant intelligence to decision-makers.
  • Providing the security infrastructure necessary to safeguard the Treasury's national security information.


OIA's place in the Intelligence Community and the Department of the Treasury is described in its Strategic Direction, which not only details the nature of our mission but also the qualities of OIA's people.

The Assistant Secretary for Intelligence and Analysis is Isabel Patelunas
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