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            Privacy, Transparency, and Records

The Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Privacy, Transparency, and Records oversees the protection, access, and disclosure of Treasury's information assets and the assurance that information the Department collects is being maintained within all legal requirements.  The office components include the Office of Privacy and Civil Liberties, Office of Disclosure Services, Treasury Records, Treasury Library, and the Orders and Directives Program.​
​Serve the public and the Federal Government community by setting the standard for protecting, enabling (allow) access, retaining, preserving, and disclosing Treasury's information.
Office of Privacy and Civil Liberties
The Privacy program mission is to provide the public with assurances that the information the Treasury Department collects is being maintained within all mandated requirements.

Office of Disclosure Services
The Office of Disclosure Services administers a records disclosure program in the Department of the Treasury that is in compliance with the Freedom of Information Act and the Privacy Act.

Office of Treasury Records
The Office of Treasury Records provides leadership, guidance, and policy to the Department of Treasury and bureaus to ensure reasonable uniformity in records management activities throughout the Department.

Treasury Library
The Treasury Library provides convenient access to mission critical information required by Departmental Offices and Treasury Bureaus, and provides information about Treasury requested by the public.

Office of Treasury Orders and Directives
Treasury Orders and Directives System contains the Department's primary management documents. These documents establish policy and assign responsibilities to Secretarial Officers.
​Office of Privacy, Transparency, and Records:   (202) 622-5710
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