Terrorism and Financial Intelligence

            Terrorist Financing and Financial Crimes

As the policy development and outreach office for TFI, the Office of Terrorist Financing and Financial Crimes (TFFC) works across all elements of the national security community – including the law enforcement, regulatory, policy, diplomatic and intelligence communities – and with the private sector and foreign governments to identify and address the threats presented by all forms of illicit finance to the international financial system.
TFFC advances this mission by developing initiatives and strategies to deploy the full range of financial authorities to combat money laundering, terrorist financing, WMD proliferation, and other criminal and illicit activities both at home and abroad. These include not only systemic initiatives to enhance the transparency of the international financial system, but also threat-specific strategies and initiatives to apply and implement targeted financial measures to the full range of national security threats. Primary examples of these roles in advancing this mission is TFFC’s leadership of the U.S. Government delegation to the Financial Action Task Force, which has developed leading global standards for combating money laundering and terrorist financing and its role in specific efforts to counter threats like proliferation, terrorism and the deceptive financial practices of Iran.

Financial Action Task Force

The Financial Action Task Force is an international policy-making and standard-setting body dedicated to combating money laundering and terrorist financing.

Hawala and Alternative Remittance Systems

This is where you can find resources related to Hawala and Alternative Remittance Systems.

Money Laundering

This is where you can find resources related to Money Laundering.

Protecting Charitable Organizations

Protecting charities from terrorist abuse is a critical component of the global fight against terrorism.


More information about TFFC's work can be found in Terrorism and Illicit Finance.

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