Treasury Franchising


The Treasury Franchise Fund (Fund) is an entrepreneurial governmental enterprise established to provide to other components within Treasury and/or to outside agencies, common administrative support services, on a competitive and fully cost-reimbursable basis. The Fund operates in a business-like manner by creating and maintaining a business relationship and environment that promotes customer participation and satisfaction through delivery of quality performance, teamwork, and continuous improvement, both in service delivery and economic benefit.


  • Foster competition – customers have a choice of service providers. Customers of the Franchise Fund are voluntary -- no mandatory customers
  • Promote efficiencies in the delivery of administrative products and services.
  • Enhance financial management practices.
  • Implement business-like principles and best practices.
  • Improve customer satisfaction.
  • Account for full-cost and achieve self-sufficiency.
  • Comply with laws and regulations.


Consolidated/Integrated Administrative Management
Providing entrepreneurial business solutions for the acquisition, delivery and financial management of common administrative services and products in support of agencies' missions and objectives.

Financial Systems, Consulting and Training
Providing financial education, management consultation, organization diagnostics and facilitation, strategic planning, assessment of customer needs, development of customer service standards, reengineering key Federal systems and processes, and human resources development.

Treasury Agency Services                                                                                                        Federal Consulting Group

Financial Management & Administrative Support
Providing full service, as well as system platforms, for accounting, travel, procurement, and personnel.

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