Advocates for Competition and Task-Order and Delivery Order Ombudsmen

These are two senior agency positions dedicated to ensuring full and open competition as a part of the federal contracting process. Within the Department of the Treasury there are Advocates for Competition and Task-Order and Delivery Order Ombudsmen at both the Agency level and at the Bureau contracting activity level.
Advocates for Competition are responsible for (see FAR subpart 6.5):
·         Promoting full and open competition;
·         Promoting the acquisition of commercial items;
·         Challenging requirements that are not stated in terms of functions to be performed, performance required or essential physical characteristics
·         Challenging barriers to the acquisition of commercial items and full and open competition such as unnecessarily restrictive statements of work, unnecessarily detailed specifications, and unnecessarily burdensome contract clauses.
Task Order and Delivery Order Ombudsmen are responsible for (see FAR 16.505(b)(8)):
·         Reviewing contractor complaints on task/delivery order contracts; and
·         Ensuring all contractors are afforded a fair opportunity to be considered for each task/delivery order, consistent with the procedures of the contract.
In accordance with DTAR 16.505(b)(8), Bureau Task Order and Delivery Order Ombudsman may also be the Bureau’s Advocate for Competition.
Contact Information.
The below is the contact information for the Advocates for Competition and Task-Order and Delivery Order Ombudsmen for the Department of the Treasury and Bureau contracting activities. Unless otherwise indicated, both positions are filled by the same individual.
Agency level contact
Frank Bajowski
Office of the Chief Procurement Executive
Bureau level contacts
Bureau of Engraving and Printing
Bureau of the Fiscal Service

Paul Deuley


Internal Revenue Service
Charles "Chuck" Yook

Office of the Comptroller of the Currency
Joyce Cofield

United States Mint
Sandy Macadoff

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