Revenue Policy and Administration

​​​The mission of the Revenue Policy and Administration Program is to provide assistance to tax administrations and ministries of finance in tax administration and tax policy reform. The object of this assistance is increase of revenues consistent with law and with fairness and transparency. 

Specific areas of assistance include: 

  • Tax policy advice and legislative drafting, emphasizing fairness and compliance burden as well as revenue production;
  • Efficient tax processing, taxpayer accounting and registration;
  • Promotion of tax compliance:
    • Support of voluntary compliance through taxpayer education and information;
    • Audit and debt management;
    • Criminal enforcement;
  • Design and management of administrative and organizational systems, including establishing and strengthening of large and medium taxpayer offices;
  •  Internal controls and internal inspections to deter and redress corruption;
  •  Effective human resources and performance management systems;
  • Project management consulting, particularly with respect to tax IT systems; and
  • Training at all levels, from executive strategic planning and management workshops, to technical training of auditors and collectors. 
Last Updated: 12/23/2014 3:19 PM