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            Debt Management

The Office of Debt Management is responsible for providing the Assistant Secretary for Financial Markets with advice and analysis on matters related to the Treasury's debt management policy, the issuance of Treasury and federally-related securities, and financial markets.

In addition, the Office produces Treasury's official yield curve, sets and certifies interest rates for Federal borrowing and lending programs, and advises on the regulation of the Government securities market.

Debt Management Policy decisions are generally announced as part of our Quarterly Refunding. The Office works closely with the Treasury Borrowing Advisory Committee and market participants to manage Treasury borrowing needs.

Daleep Singh, Acting Assistant Secretary for Financial Markets

James Clark, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Federal Finance

Fred Pietrangeli, Director Office of Debt Management


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​For issues related to federal debt management policy and marketable Treasury securities, contact us at Debt.Management@do.treas.gov.
For information on U.S. government payments, collections and delinquent debt collections, contact the Financial Management Service at http://fms.treas.gov/aboutfms/contacts.html.
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