Numerical Index of Treasury Directives

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00-02 * Numerical Index of Treasury Orders
00-03 * Numerical Index of Treasury Directives
00-04 * Handbooks Issued by Departmental Office
00-05 Department of the Treasury Orders and Directives Program
00-06 * Cross Index of Treasury Directives
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Keyword/Subject Index of Treasury Directives



10 Delegations



11 Under Secretaries, Inspector General



12 Assistant Secretary (Management) and Chief Financial Officer

Administrative Finance

Directive Title
12-04 * Delegation of Authority for Budget Execution in the Departmental Offices
12-05  Treasury Franchise Fund




Directive Title
12-11 Authorities of the Senior Procurement Executive
12-12  ​ Procurement and Non-Procurement Suspension and Debarment​



Real and Personal Property

Directive Title
12-22 * Delegation of Lease Acquisition Authority to Acquire Special Purpose Space




Directive Title
12-24 Delegation of Authority to Accept Payment from Non-Federal Sources for Travel Expenses
12-26 * Delegation of Authority to Approve the Use of Cash for Official Travel
12-27 Delegation of Authority to Approve Certain Travel and Related Expenses for Personnel Assigned Outside the United States




Directive Title
12-31 Delegation of Personnel Authority to Deputy Assistant Secretary for Human Resources and Chief Human Capital Officer
12-32 Delegation of Authority Concerning Personnel Security
12-36 * Redelegation of Agency Head Review Authority
12-39 * Delegation of Authority to the Inspector General to Transfer Staff



Equal Employment Opportunity

Directive Title
12-41 Delegation of Authority Concerning Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Programs


Directive Title
12-51 Affixing the Department of the Treasury Seal
12-52 * Approval of Privacy Act Documents
12-53 * Delegations of Authority to Make Decisions on Appeals under the Freedom of Information Act and the Privacy Act.
12-54 * Approval of Privacy Act Documents; authority delegation

Conference Planning

Directive Title
12-70 Policy and Guidance for Conference Approval Planning and Reporting

13 Under Secretary (Domestic Finance)

Directive Title
13-01 Delegation of Authority to the Assistant Secretary (Financial Markets) for the Government Securities Act of 1986 and the Government Securities Act Amendments of 1993 ("GSAA of 1993")
13-02 Delegation of Authority Under the Government Securities Act of 1986
13-03 * Delegation of Authority Related to the United States Community Adjustment and Investment Program, and Designation of Representative on the Community Adjustment and Investment Program Finance Committee
13-04 * Delegation of Authority Relating to the United States Enrichment Corporation Privatization
13-05 Delegation of Authority for Administering the Community Development Financial Istitutions Fund
13-20 Delegation of Authority for Administering the District of Columbia Retirement Programs
13-21 Delegation of Authority to the Director, Community Development Financial Institutions Fund, for Administering the New Markets Tax Credit Program
13-22​ Delegation of Authority for Small Business Lending Fund and State Small Business Credit Initiative Established by the Small Business Jobs Act of 2010​

13-23​       Delegation of Authority for Community Development Financial Institutions Bond Gurantee Program Established by the Small Business Jobs Act of 2010​

15 Under Secretary (Terrorism and Financial Intelligence)

Access to Records

Directive Title
15-01 * Bank Secrecy Act Regulations
15-02 * Access to Records
15-03 Department of the Treasury Intelligence Information System Security Policy Manual
​15-04 ​Delegations Relating to the Treasury Forfeiture Fund



Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau

Directive Title
15-11 * Approval of Regulations on Viticultural Areas
15-13 Delegation of Authority to the Director, Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau Under 31 U.S.C. §333, Misuse of Treasury Name or Symbol



U.S. Customs Service

Directive Title
15-20 * Disposition of Certain Aircraft Seizure Cases
15-21 * International Transport of Goods Under Cover of Transport International Routier-International Road Transport (TIR) Carnets
15-22 * Reimbursable Services of Customs in the Virgin Islands
15-23 * Bank Secrecy Act -- U.S. Customs Service
15-24 * Authority of Deputy Assistant Secretary (Regulatory, Tariff and Trade Enforcement)
15-25 * Prescribing Regulations - U.S. Customs Service
15-26 *  Disposition of Certain Conveyance Seizure Cases
15-27 * Delegation of Authority to the Commissioner, United States Customs Service, on Seized Property
15-29 * Delegation of Authority to the Commissioner, United States Customs Service, to Investigate Violations of 18 U.S.C. § § 1956 and 1957
15-31 * Delegation of Authority to the Commissioner, United States Customs Service, Under 31 U.S.C. §333, Misuse of Treasury Name or Symbol

Internal Revenue Service

Directive Title
15-41* Bank Secrecy Act -- Internal Revenue Service
15-42 Delegation of Authority to the Commissioner, Internal Revenue Service, to Investigate Violations of 18 U.S.C. § § 1956 and 1957
15-43 Delegation of Authority to the Internal Revenue Service to Conduct Compliance Reviews for Compliance with Economic Sanctions Programs



U.S. Secret Service

Directive Title
15-51 * United States Secret Service Uniformed Division Functions
15-52 * Mitigation of Forfeiture of Counterfeit Gold Coins
15-54 * Delegation of Authority to the Director, United States Secret Service, to Investigate Violations of 18 U.S.C. § § 1956 and 1957
15-55 Delegation of Seizure, Forfeiture, and Related Authority to the Director, United States Secret Service
15-56 * Delegation of Authority Under the Counterfeit Deterrence Act of 1992
15-57 * Delegation of Authority to the Director, United States Secret Service, under 31 U.S.C. §333, Misuse of Treasury Name or Symbol
15-58 * Delegation of Authority to the Director, United States Secret Service, to Issue Administrative Subpoenas Pursuant to the Presidential Threat Protection Act of 2000



Office of Foreign Assets Control

Directive Title
15-61 Prohibitions on Transactions with Iran
15-62 Authority of the Office of Foreign Assets Control
15-63 Reporting Post-OIA Employment with Foreign Government Entities



16 Fiscal Assistant Secretary

Immediate Office

Directive Title
16-01 Order of Succession of Officials Authorized to Act as Fiscal Assistant Secretary
16-02 Electronic Funds and Securities Transfer Policy -- Message Authentication and Enhanced Security



Financial Management Service

Regulations and Management

Directive Title
16-11 Treasury Financial Manual
16-12 Signing Regulations Governing Treasury Checks
16-13 * Operating Center for Government Accounting and Financial Reporting and the Establishment of the Chief Accounting Officer Position
16-14 Debt Collection Improvement Act of 1996 and Other Receivables Management Authorities
16-15 Delegation of Authority for Issuing certain Regulations Generated by the Financial Management Service



Financial Management Service  

Treasury Finance

Directive Title
16-21 Disposal of Obligations, Including Bonds, Notes or Other Securities
16-22 Delegation of Authority to Administer the Investment Activity of Federal Investment Funds
16-23 Authorization To Sign Treasury Checks
16-24 Distributions of Foreign Claims Funds to Awardees
16-25 Efficiency, Effectiveness, and Equity in the Transfer of Federal Funds



Financial Management Service

Federal Finance

Directive Title
16-31 Collection and Deposit Activities of Federal Agencies; Designation Depositaries, Fiscal Agents and Financial Agents
16-32 Functions Pertaining to the Former Office of Defense Lending
16-33 Recognition of Insurance Covering Tax and Loan Depositaries
16-34 Sureties and Surety Bonds
16-35 Authority to Effect Transfers in the Gold Certificate Fund
16-36 Delegation of Authority to Designate Disbursing Officials
16-37​ Designation of Financial Agents​



Financial Management Service
State and Local Finance

Directive Title
16-41 Execution of Tax Withholding Agreements



Bureau of the Public Debt

Directive Title
16-51 Relief for Treasury Obligations
16-52 Determinations of Liability for Losses, U.S. Savings Bonds and Notes
16-53 Authority Under the Government Losses in Shipment Act
16-54 Issue of United States Securities Bearing Facsimile Signatures
16-55 Furnishing Instructions to Federal Reserve Banks
16-57 Delegation of Authority to the Commissioner of the Public Debt Under the Government Securities Act of 1986
16-58 Delegation to the Commissioner of the Public Debt for the Destruction of Retired and Unissued Securities and Coupons
16-59 Determination of Eligible Types of Collateral Acceptable to Secure Deposits of Public Moneys and Other Financial Interests of the Government; Valuation of Such Collateral



17 General Counsel, Assistant Secretary (International Affairs),
Assistant Secretary (Legislative Affairs & Public Liaison),
Assistant Secretary (Public Affairs)

17-01 * Delegation of Authority With Respect to Debt Reduction for the Poorest Countries



18 Assistant Secretary (Tax Policy)

18-02 Authority to Approve Internal Revenue Regulations
18-03 Delegation to the Deputy Assistant Secretary (Tax, Trade, and Tariff Policy)





























19 Treasurer of the United States

Directive Title
19-01 Delegation of Authority to Purchase Certain Equipment and Facilities
19-02 * Delegation of Authority to the Directors, Bureau of Engraving and Printing and United States Mint, to Appoint Uniformed Guards
19-06  * Delegation to the Director, Bureau of Engraving and Printing, for the Redemption and Destruction of Unfit Currency and the Destruction of Waste and Spoiled Items


20 Organization and Management


21 Organizational Policies

21-01 Organizational Changes
21-03 Establishment and Management of Treasury Federal Advisory Committees


22 Management Programs

Directive Title
22-01 Performance of Commercial Activities


23 Emergency Management Programs

Directive Title
23-01 Department of the Treasury Emergency Preparedness


25 Records

Directive Title
25-01 Authentication of Department of the Treasury Documents
25-03 Filing Documents for Publication With the Office of the Federal Register
25-04 The Privacy Act of 1974, As Amended
25-05 The Freedom of Information Act

The Treasury Data Integrity Board

25-07 Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA)
25-08 Safeguarding Against and Responding to the Breach of Personally Identifiable Information
25-09 Privacy and Civil Liberties Activities Pursuant to Section 803 of the Implementing Recommendations of the 9/11 Commission Act of 2007, P.L. 110-53
25-10 Information Sharing Environment Privacy and Civil Liberties Policy

26 Mail

Directive Title
26-01* Mail Management Program

27 Organization of Departmental Offices

Directive Title
27-01* Organization and Functions of the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Management and Chief Financial Officer
27-02* Organization and Functions of the Fiscal Service
27-03* Organization and Functions of the Office of the Assistant Secretary (Enforcement)
27-04* Organization and Functions of the Office of the Under Secretary (International Affairs) - Attachment
27-05* Organization and Functions of the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Economic Policy and Chief Economist
27-06* Organization and Functions of the Office of the Assistant Secretary (Public Affairs and Public Liaison)
27-07* Organization and Functions of the Office of the Assistant Secretary (Domestic Finance)
27-09* Organization and Functions of the Office of the Assistant Secretary (Legislative Affairs)
27-10* Organization and Functions of the Office of the Assistant Secretary (Tax Policy)
27-11* Organization and Functions of the Office of the Treasurer of the United States
27-12 Organization and Functions of the Office of Inspector General


28 General Counsel

Directive Title
28-01 * Preparation and Review of Regulations
28-02 Legislative Procedures
28-03 Preparation, Review, and Clearance of Regulations
28-04 Procedures for Approval of Significant Guidance Documents


30 Financial Management


31 Budget

Directive Title
31-01 * Treasury Strategic Management Manual
31-04 * Working Capital Fund

32 Accounting

Directive Title
32-01 * Accounting Principles and Standards
32-02 Approval of Financial Management Systems
32-04 Settlement of Accounts and Relief of Accountable Officers
32-05 * Responsibilities for Establishing and Maintaining Fiscal Accounting Systems
32-06 Administrative Expenses for Trust Funds
32-12 * Restrictions on Lobbying for Federal Grants, Cooperative Agreements. Loans and Commitments to Insure or Guarantee a Loan
32-13 Claims for Loss or Damage to Personal Property

33 Disbursements

Directive Title
33-01 * ​ ​Prompt Payment
33-02 Expenses for Unforeseen Confidential Emergencies


34 Collections

Directive Title
34-01 Waiving Claims Against Treasury Employees for Erroneous Payments
34-02 Credit Management and Treasury Debt Collection Program


40 Internal Audit and Control

Directive Title
40-01 Responsibilities of and to the Inspector General
40-02 Corresponding with the General Accounting Office (GAO)
40-03 Treasury Audit Resolution, Follow-Up, and Closure
40-04 Treasury Internal Control Program


50 Treasury Programs


51 Processing Precious Metals

Directive Title
51-01 * Precious Metals Recovery Program​
51-02 * Processing Losses Resulting from Gold and Silver Programs


55 Victims and Witnesses

Directive Title
55-01* Victims and Witness Assistance


60 Personnel


61 Employment

Directive Title
61-01 Implementation of the Public Financial Disclosure and Periodic Transaction Report Requirements of the Ethics in Government Act
61-02 Implementation of the Confidential Financial Disclosure Report Filing Requirements
61-04 Acceptance, Retention, and Disposition of Gifts under the Foreign Gifts and Decorations Act
61-05 Designating the Employment Status of Advisory Committee Members
61-06  Responsibilities of the Designated Agency Ethics Official
61-07 * Employee Locator System
61-09 Department of the Treasury Gift Acceptance Authority
61-10 * Drug-Free Federal Workplace


63 Alternative Dispute Resolution


67 EEO Programs

Directive Title
67-01 Collection and Safeguard Requirements for Ethnicity, Race, and Disability Data


70 Management Programs


71 Physical Security and Safety

Directive Title
71-05 * Departmental Safety and Health Programs
71-08 Delegation of Authority for Physical Security Programs
71-10 Department of the Treasury Security Manual
71-12 Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 Policy




72 Real Property

Directive Title
72-02 Acquisition, Utilization, Management and Disposal of Treasury Real Property Assets
72-03 Location of New Offices and Facilities in Rural Areas


73 Personal Property

Directive Title
73-01 Personal Property Management
73-03 Official Flags of the Department of the Treasury
73-04 Official Seal of the Department of the Treasury


74 Transportation and Travel

Directive Title
74-01 Motor Vehicle Fleet Management
74-03 * Commercial Bills of Lading for Small Shipments
74-06 Home-to-Work Transportation Controls
74-08 Department of the Treasury Parking Program
74-09 * Aircraft Management Program
74-10 Public Transportation Incentive Program
74-12 Use of Government Contractor-Issued Travel Charge Cards
74-13 First-Class and Business-Class Travel
74-14 *   Treasury Alternative Workplace Arrangements
74-15 Performing Temporary Duty at or Near the Permanent Duty Station or Residence


75 Historic Preservation and Environmental Management

Directive Title
75-01 Department of the Treasury Historic Preservation Program
75-02 Department of the Treasury National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Program
75-04 * Energy Management Program
75-05 * Department of the Treasury Metrication Program
75-06 * Prevention, Control and Abatement of Environmental Pollution
75-07 * Department of the Treasury Waste Prevention, Recycling, and Acquisition
75-08 * Treasury Environmental Management Program
75-09 Environmental, Energy, and Sustainability Management
75-10 Safety and Health Management Program


76 Procurement

Directive Title
76-01 Department of the Treasury Acquisition Regulation and Department of the Treasury Acquisition Procedures
76-02 * Use of Procurement Authority
76-04 * Government Purchase Card Program
76-06 Request for Contract Audit Services


78 Printing and Reproduction

Directive Title
78-01 Printing and Publishing Management Program
78-02 * Acquisition and Use of Copying Equipment


80 Information Systems

Directive Title
80-05 Department of the Treasury Records Management
​80-06 ​Information Collection under the Paperwork Reduction Act (PRA)
​80-07 ​Department of the Treasury Email Management
​80-08 ​Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) Policy


81 Administration

Directive Title
81-01 Treasury Information Technology (IT) Programs
81-08 Certification Process for the Use of Web Measurement and Customization Technologies on Treasury Websites


84 Project Management

Directive Title
84-01 *   Information System Life Cycle (ISLC)
84-02 * Establishment of Executive Agents


85 Security

Directive Title 
85-01 Department of the Treasury Information Technology (IT) Security Program
85-02 Software Piracy Policy
85-03  Authorities of the Department Chief Information Officer Respond to Information Technology (IT) Security Incidents, Threats and Vulnerabilities


86 Telecommunications
Directive Title
86-02 Radio Frequency Management
86-04 * Authorized Use of Government Telephone Services


87 Information Systems Management
Directive Title
87-04 Personal Use of Government Information Technology Resources
87-05 Electronic Commerce Initiatives
87-06 Electronic and Information Technology (E&IT) Accessibility under Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act
80-08 Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) Policy



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