REAFFIRMED: June 16, 2020
SUBJECT: Prohibitions on Transactions with Iran
1.   DELEGATION. By virtue of the authority vested in the Secretary of the Treasury by 31 U.S.C. §321 (b), Executive Orders (E.O.) 12205 and 12211, and pursuant to the authority delegated to the Assistant Secretary (Enforcement) by Treasury Order (TO) 101-05,[1] the Director, Office of Foreign Assets Control, is hereby delegated all powers and authorities previously delegated to the Secretary of the Treasury by E.O. 12205 of April 7, 1980, and E.O. 12211 of April 17, 1980.
2.   CANCELLATION. Treasury Directive 15-61, "Prohibitions on Transactions With Iran," dated September 29, 1986, is superseded.
a.      TO 101-05, "Reporting Relationships and Supervision of Officials, Offices and Bureaus, Delegation of Certain Authority, and Order of Succession in the Department of the Treasury."
b.     E.O. 12205, "Prohibiting Certain Transactions With Iran," dated April 7, 1980 (45 CFR 24099, 3 CFR, 1980 Comp., p. 248)
c.      E.O. 12211, "Further Prohibitions on Transactions With Iran," dated April 17, 1980 (45 CFR 26685,3 CFR, 1980 Comp., p. 253)
4. OFFICE OF PRIMARY INTEREST. Office of the Assistant Secretary (Enforcement).
                                                            Ronald K. Noble
                                                            Assistant Secretary (Enforcement)
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