DATE: May 02, 1996
REAFFIRMED: February 23, 2001
SUNSET REVIEW: February 23, 2006
SUBJECT: Delegation of Authority Concerning the Personnel Security Program
By virtue of the authority vested in the Secretary of the Treasury, including the authority
 vested by 31 U.S.C. 321(d), it is ordered that:
1. The Department shall maintain a personnel security program to fulfill the responsibilities imposed by 5 U.S.C. 7531-7533; Executive Order (E.O.) 12968, Access to Classified Information," dated August 2, 1995; E.O. 10450, "Security Requirements for Government Employees," dated April 27, 1953, as amended; and any other applicable authorities. The program shall be applicable throughout the Department.
2. The Assistant Secretary for Management & CFO is delegated the authority of the Secretary to exercise and perform all duties, rights, powers, and obligations under the above-referenced authorities. This delegation includes making all determinations and appointments and issuing any regulations required to implement the Department's personnel security program, except for any matter in which, by law, executive order, or regulation of outside agencies, the personal decision of the head of the agency or principal deputy is required.
3. The Assistant Secretary for Management & CFO is designated pursuant to Section 6.1 of E.O. 12968 as the Senior Agency Official to direct and administer the Department's personnel security program.
4. The responsibilities of the Special Assistant to the Secretary (National Security) continue uninterrupted and are not affected by this Order.
5. The authority delegated by this Order may be redelegated.
Robert E. Rubin
Secretary of the Treasury
OPI: Office of Security
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