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Seeking Guaranteed Bids
The Internal Revenue Service is seeking prospective purchasers of real property in order to redeem and sell the property located at 4506 North Gloster, Tupelo, MS 38804, as follows:
Date:To Be Announced
Time:To Be Announced
Description of Property: The property is located at 4506 North Gloster,Tupelo, Mississippi 38804 which consists of an approximate 5,144 square foot commercial building situated on 1.01 acres of land. This property is on a high traffic road with easy close access to numerous restaurants, the mall, movie theater, grocery stores, etc. The property has 8 large classrooms that could be easily converted into individual office spaces. There is a kitchen area. The building is currently used as a day care facility and is already wired for security cameras on the inside and outside of the building. There are currently two designated office spaces, and a receptionist area when you enter the building. Access to all the other spaces is considered “secure” access as there are key lock entry doors to enter the secured areas when leaving the receptionist area of the building. All the electrical wiring, plumbing, etc. is up to code. If the building is not to the prospective bidders liking, the building could be rehabbed, and/or torn down to use the 1.01 acres of land for new construction.
Minimum Bid: The minimum acceptable agreement to bid is $105,000.00.
Bid Note: The Agreement to Bid must be received no later than August 30, 2019.
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To redeem the property under (Section 7425(d) of the Internal Revenue Code or Section 2410 of Title 28 of the United States Code), the Internal Revenue Service must obtain a written agreement to bid, secured by a deposit of 20% of the amount of the bid. The deposit should be made payable to the ´United States Treasury Department´ in the form of a cashier´s check or certified check, a bank or postal money order, a certificate of deposit, or an irrevocable letter of credit. If redeemed, the property will be sold pursuant to Section 7506 of the Internal Revenue Code subject to any prior outstanding mortgages, encumbrances, or other liens that may be superior to the lien of the United States. Agreements to bid must be accompanied by the required deposit.
The Agreement to Bid and deposit should be sent to:
Name:Nikhole Hatten-Stennis
Title: Revenue Officer
Bureau: IRS
Address: 2209 5th Street North
Columbus, MS, 39705
Phone: (601) 454-0895
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View of Commercial Building  
View of Commercial Building
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For additional information, please contact Nikhole Hatten-Stennis
Updated: 8/30/2019
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