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Lot Number Description Purchase Price Name
1Gaming Machine$1,400Electro Mavin
2Gaming Machine$600Betsy Kollmann
3Prints$75Andrew Churukian
4Arrowheads$750Alan Tucker
5Collectibles$500International Auction Gallery
6Knives and Swords$1,000International Auction Gallery
7Posters$400International Global Enterprises
8Jewelry$650Litsitatsie Inc / A To Z Wholesale
9Jewelry$275Behrouz Pourgholi
10Jewelry$500Litsitatsie Inc / A To Z Wholesale
11Pocket Watches$750Redlands Antique Auction
12Pocket Watches$225Adelco
13Bracelet$750Litsitatsie Inc / A To Z Wholesale
14Gold Jewelry$5,250Marsha Bryant
15Silver Jewelry$700Denise Palencia
20Rings$3,000Litsitatsie Inc / A To Z Wholesale
21Rings$3,400Litsitatsie Inc / A To Z Wholesale
23Rings$1,000Litsitatsie Inc / A To Z Wholesale
25Rings$1,000Alfred Bonilla
26Rings$1,300Douglas Gibson
27Watches$700Litsitatsie Inc / A To Z Wholesale
28Jewelry$1,800Dance Into Unity
29Jewelry$650Behrouz Pourgholi
30Jewelry$250Hearts International Company Limited
32Jewelry$4,750Litsitatsie Inc / A To Z Wholesale
34Ring$700Phyllis Ririe
35Pocket Watches$1,200Auction Brothers Inc.
36Watches$1,000Litsitatsie Inc / A To Z Wholesale
37Jewelry$10,000Litsitatsie Inc / A To Z Wholesale
38Watches$1,100Litsitatsie Inc / A To Z Wholesale
39Jewelry$600Litsitatsie Inc / A To Z Wholesale
40Jewelry$850Litsitatsie Inc / A To Z Wholesale
41Jewelry$700Yehuda Nagar
43Jewelry$1,000Dance Into Unity
45Jewelry$1,100International Auction Gallery
46Assorted Items$1,800BNF Jewelry
48Jewelry$2,100Litsitatsie Inc / A To Z Wholesale
50Bracelet$450Betsy Kollmann
52Rolex Watch$2,250Litsitatsie Inc / A To Z Wholesale
54Rings$900Paul Minard
56Ring$400Hearts International Company Limited
57Crystals$900Litsitatsie Inc / A To Z Wholesale
58Rings$350Karen Dianella
59Jewelry$800Behrouz Pourgholi
60Rings$1,300Karen Dianella
61Jewelry$400Hearts International Company Limited
62Belt Buckles$250Litsitatsie Inc / A To Z Wholesale
63Military Medals$200Jerroll Theuer
64Jewelry$1,400Litsitatsie Inc / A To Z Wholesale
65Jewelry$425Karen Dianella
66Documents$650Donald Fox
67Bottles$175Patrick Moore
68Collectibles$100Hearts International Company Limited
69Silverware$1,300Fivel Sofer
71Bottles$50Steadman Wharton
72Toy Cars$150Moe Zahabi
73Coin Books$150James Cope
74Collectibles$200Dance Into Unity
76Jewelcrafting Tools$550Patrick Moore
78Collectibles$350Behrouz Pourgholi
79Cigarette Holders$600Dance Into Unity
80Collectibles$1,800Robert Majcherek
81Bronze Statue$325Adelco
84Lamps$150Redlands Antique Auction
85Collectibles$650Joshua Maxson
86Collectibles$125Joshua Maxson
87Figurines$600Juan Arellano
88Miner's Equipment$75International Auction Gallery
89Silverware$2,250Dance Into Unity
90Boxes$125Behrouz Pourgholi
91Stamps$550John Stahl
93Collectibles$75John Stahl
94Gold and Silver Items$400International Auction Gallery
95Bracelet$500International Auction Gallery
96Rings$350Karen Dianella
97Rings$300Petru Demian
98Necklaces$200Moe Zahabi
99Necklaces$175Joshua Maxson
100Pendants$75Litsitatsie Inc / A To Z Wholesale
101Jewelry$1,200Redlands Antique Auction
103Silverware$1,300Dance Into Unity
104Miscellaneous Items$750Fivel Sofer
105Miscellaneous Items$60Steadman Wharton
106Pictures$85Andrew Churukian
107Locks$85Barry Johnson
108Carving Set$1,100Redlands Antique Auction
109Silver Jewelry$245Karen Dianella
110Gold Nuggets$7,500Bnf Jewelry
111Rings$5,750Litsitatsie Inc / A To Z Wholesale
112Rings$350Robert Majcherek
113Watches$500Ramon Castro
114Jewelry$5,200Litsitatsie Inc / A To Z Wholesale
116Jewelry$8,500Dance Into Unity
117Watches$700Litsitatsie Inc / A To Z Wholesale
118Jewelry $3,800Litsitatsie Inc / A To Z Wholesale
119Jewelry$2,500International Auction Gallery
120Gold Nuggets$900Martin Joseph
121Coins$2,250Michael Castillo
122U.S. Proof Sets$1,900Nafta Distributors
123U.S. Proof Sets$3,000Nafta Distributors
124U.S. Proof Sets$4,900Litsitatsie Inc / A To Z Wholesale
125Eisenhower Silver Dollars$2,100George Horja
126U.S. Mint Sets$3,400Justin Denison
127Uncirculated Silver Eagles$21,000Gregory Yakubovich
128U.S. Mint Sets$3,500Maged Mohareb
129Silver Coins$1,800Waldo Bauer
130Silver Coins$1,500Larry Woodard
131Silver Coins$2,800Moe Zahabi
132Silver Coins$3,000Larry Woodard
133Silver Coins$2,900Behrouz Pourgholi
134Silver Coins$3,000Waldo Bauer
135Silver Coins$5,750Electro Mavin
136Silver Coins$3,250Gregory Yakubovich
137Silver Coins$3,750Allen Shafran
138Silver Coins$2,800Rigoberto Chavez
139Silver Coins$2,750Betsy Kollmann
140Silver Coins$3,550Behrouz Pourgholi
141Silver Sets$5,250Litsitatsie Inc / A To Z Wholesale
142Silver Bars$5,600Nafta Distributors
143Silver Bars$7,000Waldo Bauer
144Silver Bars$2,100Behrouz Pourgholi
145Silver Bar$700Larry Woodard
146Silver Bar$700Waldo Bauer
147Silver Bar$1,400Larry Woodard
148Silver Bars$7,000Electro Mavin
149Silver Medals$3,250Litsitatsie Inc / A To Z Wholesale
150Silver Bars$1,400Justin Denison
151Silver Bars$3,100Rigoberto Chavez
152Silver Bars$3,400Behrouz Pourgholi
153Coins$400Allen Shafran
154Coins$1,100Donna Deeds-Andrews
157Coins$2,000Litsitatsie Inc / A To Z Wholesale
158Currency Sheets$1,200Martin Garcia
159Sea Container$100Mohammad Querashi
160Rolex Watch$6,000International Global Enterprises
161Safe$500International Global Enterprises
162Jewelry$6,500Paul Minard
163Wearing Apparel$8,600Fivel Sofer
164Tractors$19,500Riperme LTDA
165Tractors$5,250Pacific Trading
166Front Loaders$1,600Pacific Trading
167Tractors$13,000Pacific Trading
168Tractors$2,100Pacific Trading
169Front Loaders$3,750Pacific Trading
173Remote Control Cars$250Sara Kramer
174Oil Well Equipment$500Adelco
1751966 Piper 250 Aztec Aircraft$19,500Mohammad Querashi
176Luggage$17,500Meir Cohen
177Magnetic Encoder$55Auction Brothers Inc.
178Watches$6,000Fan Lu
181Necklaces$500Thomas Duncan
182Earrings$800Thomas Duncan
183Key Chains$800Thomas Duncan
184Money Counters$450Steadman Wharton
185Computers$475Moe Zahabi
186Industrial Pumps$2,400Auction Brothers Inc.
187Paino Hinges$50Farid Mehrdad
190Air Conditioner$300Patrick Moore
192Cartier Watch$1,750International Auction Gallery
193Bracelet$1,200Moe Zahabi
194Bracelet$800Bnf Jewelry
195Bracelet$800Litsitatsie Inc / A To Z Wholesale
196TV$65Petru Demian
197Car Seat Covers$3,750Electro Mavin
198Light Fixtures$250Juan Arellano
199Bean Bag Chairs$45Sara Kramer
200Motorless Jet Skis$1,000Aa Fine Pack Inc
201Backpacks$1,000Fivel Sofer
202Speakers$65Patrick Moore
203Work Boots$42,500Meir Cohen
204Capsule Filling Machine$1,000Moe Zahabi
205Work Gloves$9,400Fivel Sofer
206Battery Packs$100Kamyar Roshani
207Laptops$500Maria Arellano
208iPods$300Rigoberto Chavez
209Electronics$300Sergio Macedo
210Night Vision Scope$1,250Adelco
211Coach Accessories$500Meir Cohen
212Tool Set$650Maria Arellano
213Home Theater System$200Petru Demian
214Sony PSP's$400Zachary Saucedo
215Home Theater System$150Patrick Moore
216Speakers$100Moe Zahabi
217Radiator Parts$190Adelco
218Integrated Circuits$650Betsy Kollmann

Last Updated: September 1, 2009