The Washington Internships for Native Students (WINS)

The Washington Internships for Native Students (WINS) - provides an opportunity for Native American and Alaskan Native students to live in Washington, D.C., gain professional work experience through an internship, and earn academic credits. Participants intern in a federal agency or at a private firm; take courses focusing on Native American public policy concerns, and enjoy social and cultural activities.


Spring session: January – May (15 weeks)
Summer session: June – July (8 weeks)
Fall session: August – December (15 weeks)


Spring (late November); Summer (late March); Fall (late July)

Point of Contact:

Gil Tillman


Program Requirements:

For additional information information regarding eligibility requirements and application procedures please go to

Dates and program requirements may be subject to change.

Departmental Offices is an Equal Opportunity Employer agency.

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