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Treasury Notes

 Budget Day

By: Erika Gudmundson

Earlier today, President Obama sent to Congress his budget for Fiscal Year 2013. Treasury also released the Greenbook, which provides an explanation of the Administration's revenue proposals for Fiscal Year 2013. “This fiscal plan entails a carefully designed set of investments and reforms to boost growth, create jobs and improve opportunity for middle-class Americans,” said Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner. “These proposals strike the balance between supporting growth and laying out a responsible, long-term deficit reduction plan that simplifies the tax code and asks the most fortunate to pay their fair share.” Read a fact sheet about how the Administration’s budget proposes tax policy to promote growth, create jobs and improve opportunity for the middle class here.

Also today, the Treasury Department released its FY 2013 budget that will help support the Obama Administration’s comprehensive efforts to strengthen economic growth, create new jobs, and make government more efficient. “The President’s Budget makes critical investments to strengthen our nation’s economic competitiveness and spur job creation, while putting in place long-term fiscal reforms that will help improve our capacity to sustain growth in the future,” Secretary Geithner said. “As part of that comprehensive strategy, Treasury is continuing to support key priorities that will help strengthen economic growth, as well as identifying innovative ways to deliver essential services at lower costs to taxpayers.”

Read it all here:

Erika Gudmundson is New Media Specialist at the Department of the Treasury.
Posted in:  Tax Policy, Budget and Performance
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