Treasury Notes

 Daily Debt Subject to the Limit Report

By: Daniel Watson

Treasury recently estimated that it is likely to exhaust extraordinary measures related to the debt limit on or about Thursday, November 5. As previously noted, recent receipts were lower than previously projected, and trust fund investments were higher than projected – resulting in a net decrease of resources available to the United States government.

We provide daily updates on the cash and debt operations of the Treasury and monthly reports with broader information including non-cash transactions. The latest monthly report is for September 2015. With increased public interest in this data, we will be providing updates on a more frequent basis.

The data sheet below provides net changes to the amount of Marketable, Government Account Series (GAS), and other Non-Marketable Treasury securities that Treasury issues as investments to trust funds on a daily basis. It also provides a summary of extraordinary measures that have been used.

Daily Debt Subject to Limit Activity

We continue to urge Congress to take action as soon as possible and raise the debt limit.


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