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 Tour the U.S. Treasury with Your Smart Phone

By: Richard Cote

A trip down Pennsylvania Avenue is a must-do for the thousands visitors that come to nation’s capital on a daily basis. The avenue is home to some of the capital’s key landmarks, including the U.S. Treasury Department building. To make the Treasury Department building even more accessible to the public, particularly for visitors who don’t have time for a formal tour, today we are announcing the launch of a new mobile website that provides a virtual tour of the Treasury Department building via your smart phone and tablet. 
This mobile website will guide you through the halls of the Treasury building. With just a few taps and swipes, the public can easily access the rich history and architectural grandeur of the 145-year-old building. The mobile website has images of the building’s interior and exterior from the past and present along with links to a chronology of historic events. The building’s points of interest are highlighted on a blueprint, making for easy navigation through the four elevations. Another remarkable feature is the audio narrative of the sites throughout the building. Tourists that come to Pennsylvania Avenue will now have access to the past through modern day technology.
To alert the public on the availability of the mobile website, the Treasury Department will be putting up signs around the building. Additionally, National Park Service kiosks along Pennsylvania Avenue will also provide information on the mobile website and its features. We also anticipate that various tourist information organizations find this website as a useful way to enhance the Washington, D.C. visitors’ experience. 
The mobile website is a flexible tool for the Treasury Department to engage the public, and plans are now underway to add a lesson plan for school children. The lesson plan will utilize the Treasury building’s architecture as a tool for teachers.
To begin your virtual tour of the Treasury Department building, log onto the new mobile website on your smart phone or tablet here:
Richard Cote is the Curator of the United States Treasury Department
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