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 Transparency Refresh: Improvements to the Website

By: David A. Lebryk

Consistent with the Administration’s efforts to increase transparency, participation and collaboration with the public, this week Treasury made a number of improvements to the website in order to make it easier to review existing federal spending data. The website provides the public with access to spending data for federal awards like contracts, grants and other financial assistance from across the federal government.




The homepage has improved navigation to allow users to more directly summarize spending data.


Our refresh of the website this week responds to feedback from external stakeholders to improve the usability of the site and adopts an award winning platform from

The refreshed website:
  • Improves navigation: The new site has top-level and left-right navigation to allow users to more quickly access summary information.
  • Uses plain language: The new site’s descriptions and content limit government terminology and jargon to make the content easier to understand.
  • Provides interactive mapping: A new interactive map feature displays prime recipient data geocoded based on the place of performance.
  • Enhances agency and state summary pages: These pages have been improved to more directly summarize financial data.
  • Connects sub-award data: Sub-award data is now linked to prime awards and accessible from the award summary page.
  • Expands search capabilities: The new site provides simple searches with user-friendly titles for data elements.

Reduces errors: The award submission portal has improved validation checks to prevent users from entering inaccurate data or leaving the fields blank.


usaspending-refresh2.jpg now features interactive mapping to track spending by place of performance.
Treasury assumed program ownership of the website last year and this week’s improvements are the first step towards the broader goal of expanding financial transparency to the public. As we work with federal agencies to implement the Digital Accountability and Transparency Act (DATA), we expect further improvements to the underlying quality of the data.
We’re eager to get your feedback as we continue to make improvements to the site. Send us a note and let us know what you think.

David A. Lebryk is the Fiscal Assistant Secretary at the U.S. Treasury Department

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