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Date Category Press Release
12/14/2012 Treasury Receives Payment From Its Final Sale of AIG Common Stock, Bringing Positive Return on Overall AIG Commitment to $22.7 Billion
12/11/2012 Treasury Sells Final Shares of AIG Common Stock, Positive Return on Overall AIG Commitment Reaches $22.7 Billion
12/10/2012 Treasury Announces Public Offering for All of Its Remaining AIG Common Stock Holdings
09/11/2012 Overall Positive Return on $182 Billion AIG Commitment during Financial Crisis Reaches $15.1 Billion after Treasury Announces $2.7 Billion in Additional Expected Proceeds from AIG Common Stock Sale
01/24/2011 Statements Statement of Secretary Geithner on AIG
01/14/2011 Treasury Announces Completion of the American International Group Recapitalization Transaction
12/08/2010 Treasury Department Statement on AIG’s Transaction Agreement
11/01/2010 Treasury Update on AIG Investment Valuation
10/08/2010 Op-eds Geithner in Sunday's Washington Post: ‘Five Myths about TARP’
09/30/2010 Statements Statement by the US Treasury Department on AIG Exit Plan
04/01/2010 Treasury Names Two Appointees to AIG’S Board of Directors
03/17/2009 Treasury Department Releases Text of Letter From Secretary Geithner to Hill Leadership on AIG
03/02/2009 U.S. Treasury and Federal Reserve Board Announce Participation in AIG Restructuring Plan
11/10/2008 Treasury to Invest in AIG Restructuring Under the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act
09/16/2008 Statement by Secretary Henry M. Paulson, Jr. on Federal Reserve Actions Surrounding AIG
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