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Date Category Press Release
12/09/2013 Treasury Sells Final Shares of GM Common Stock
06/05/2013 Treasury Announces Intention to Sell Additional GM Common Stock
01/18/2013 Treasury Commences Plan to Sell General Motors Common Stock
07/21/2011 Treasury Exits Investment in Chrysler Group LLC
06/02/2011 Treasury Announces Agreement to Exit Remaining Stake in Chrysler Group LLC
05/31/2011 Op-eds Geithner Op-Ed: ‘A Rescue Worth Fueling’
05/24/2011 Chrysler Repays Outstanding TARP Loans
03/01/2011 Treasury Announces Public Offering of Ally Financial Inc. TruPs
12/30/2010 Treasury Converts Nearly Half of Its Ally Preferred Shares to Common Stock
12/15/2010 General Motors Repays Taxpayers $2.1 Billion, Completing Repurchase of Treasury Preferred Stock
12/02/2010 Taxpayers Receive Additional $1.8 Billion in Proceeds from GM IPO
11/23/2010 GM IPO Proceeds Take Total Tarp Funds Returned to Taxpayers Over $250 Billion Milestone
11/17/2010 Treasury Announces Pricing of Public Offering of General Motors Common Stock
08/18/2010 Treasury Department Agrees to Be Named as a Selling Shareholder in General Motors' Registration Statement for Its Initial Public Offering
10/22/2009 Assistant Secretary for Financial Stability Herbert M. Allison, Jr. Written Testimony Congressional Oversight Panel
07/22/2009 Assistant Secretary for Financial Stability Herbert M. Allison, Jr. Testimony on the Troubled Assets Relief Program House Committee on Financial Services Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations July 22, 2009
05/20/2009 Statement by Timothy F. Geithner U. S. Secretary of the Treasury before the Senate Banking Committee May 20, 2009
04/30/2009 Obama Administration Auto Restructuring Initiative Chrysler-Fiat Alliance
03/19/2009 Treasury Announces Auto Supplier Support Program
01/16/2009 Treasury Announces TARP Investments in Chrysler Financial
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