Capital Purchase Program

 Program Status

Taxpayers have already earned a positive return from their investment in banks through the CPP.  Every additional dollar that a participating bank pays to Treasury represents an additional return to taxpayers. 
As of October 31, 2016, Treasury has recovered $226.7 billion from CPP through repayments, dividends, interest, and other income – compared to the $204.9 billion initially invested. Today, every dollar recovered from CPP participants represents and additional positive return for taxpayers. Treasury continues to recover additional funds.
Graphic of CPP Snapshot 10-31-2014 
[1] Repayments: Actual collections as of October 31, 2016, including (i) $2.21 billion in CPP investments refinanced under the Small Business Lending Fund (SBLF), a program created by Congress outside of TARP under which certain CPP institutions were allowed to repay TARP funds by borrowing under that program, and (ii) $0.36 billion in exchanges of CPP investments into the Community Development Capital Initiative (CDCI), as permitted under the terms of that program.
Auctions: Includes net proceeds from all auctions of CPP preferred and note securities where cash has settled with OFS as of October 31, 2016.
Warrant Income: Net Proceeds. Includes proceeds from exercised warrants.
[2] Institutions where Treasury has converted its original investment at a discount into shares of common stock in the institution.
The total positive return for taxpayers from all of TARP's bank programs, which include the Asset Guarantee Program (AGP), Targeted Investment Program (TIP), and Community Development Capital Initiative (CDCI), is almost  $30 billion (or 112.3% of the funds disbursed). The latest information on CPP repayments, remaining institutions and warrant sales can be found in the Monthly Report to Congress.
Former Assistant Secretary Timothy G. Massad wrote about  the progress made in winding down the remaining TARP investments. Read his blog entries: "Treasury Reaches Another TARP Milestone" (6/19/13);  "Winding Down TARP: A Progress Report"  (1/23/13); "An Update on the Wind Down of TARP's Bank Programs" (12/18/12) and "Winding Down TARP's Bank Programs" (5/3/12).
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