Transparency in Treasury’s Housing Programs

To ensure that Treasury’s housing programs operate in full view of the public, Treasury issues several regular reports that show key metrics from its housing programs and the health of the nation’s housing market.

The Making Home Affordable Program Performance Report is a monthly report that provides data on each of the programs under MHA as well as data showing performance by participating mortgage servicers. Each quarter, the report is expanded to include MHA Servicer Assessments for the largest servicers participating in the program. The assessments are based on two types of data: compliance data, which reflects servicer compliance with specific guidelines; and program results data, which reflects how timely and effectively servicers assist eligible homeowners and report program activity.

Reports on disbursements made though Treasury’s housing programs can also be found in the Daily TARP Updates, published online. 

Every month Treasury and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) publish the Administration’s Monthly Housing Scorecard. This comprehensive report provides a snapshot of the health of the nation’s housing market. It includes key housing market indicators and highlights the impact of the Administration's housing recovery efforts.

Finally, every month Treasury updates a Making Home Affordable Data File. This data file includes detailed characteristics of program participants to date, including financial information, mortgage loan information before and after entering HAMP, performance in a HAMP modification, and race/ethnicity data. The Making Home Affordable Data File offers in-depth mortgage loan-level data and is intended to offer a deeper dive into the data of the MHA program.

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Last Updated: 9/17/2013 2:57 PM