Federal Advisory Committee on Insurance (FACI)

Mission Statement

The Federal Advisory Committee on Insurance ("FACI") provides advice and recommendations to assist FIO in carrying out its statutory authority.

The FIO was established by the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. The FIO's authority extends to all lines of insurance except health insurance, long-term care insurance (except that which is included with life or annuity insurance components), and crop insurance.

The FACI shall provide its advice and recommendations directly to the FIO. The FACI will conduct its work in coordination with the FIO.

Resources for FACI:
Comments received which either do not refer to FACI and/or contained references to people who are not members of FACI or FIO are not included here. Comments may be obtained by submitting a request to



  • Affordability and Accessibility of Insurance
  • Domestic Prudential Issues
  • International Development

Source Documents:

2017 Charter
2015 Charter
2013 Charter
2011 Charter
Dodd Frank



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