Dodd Frank Implementation December 2010

Treasury Official
Visitor and Affiliation
Mary Miller
Volcker Rule
Joseph R. Alexander, The Clearing House Association. Llc
 William Braverman, Jp Morgan Chase
 H. Rodgin Cohen, Sullivan & Cromwell, Llp
 Carl V. Howard, Citigroup, Inc.
 Jill Hershey, The Clearing House Association, Llc
 Michael H. Koonce, Wells Fargo
 J. Virgil Mattingly, Sullivan & Cromwell, Llp
 Eli K. Peterson, The Clearing House Association, Llc
 Mary Wasaff, BB&T
 Michael Wiseman, Sullivan & Cromwell, Llp
 Victor Siclari, The Bank Of New York Mellon
 Samuel R. Woodall, Iii, Sullivan & Cromwell, Llp
Lewis Alexander
Lee B. Stephens, BNYMellon
 Robert Rupp, BNYMellon
Elizabeth Warren
Steve O'Connor, Mortgage Bankers Association
 Ken Markison, Mortgage Bankers Association
 Josh Denney, Mortgage Bankers Association
 John Courson, Mortgage Bankers Association
Jeffrey Goldstein
 Gabrielle Trebat
Ellen Alemany, RBA Americas/Citizens Financial Group
 Richard Davis, U.S. Bancorp
 Phil Green, Cullen/Frost Bankers
 Richard Fairbank, Capital One Financial Corporation
 Russell Goldsmith, City National Bank
 Richard Hickson, Trustmark Corporation
 Bryan Jordan, First Horizon National Corporation
 Robert Kelly, The Bank of New York Mellon
 Bruce R. Lauritzen, First National Bank of Omaha
 Henry Meyer III, KeyCorp
 David Nelms, Discover Financial Services
 Phil Wenger, Fulton Financial Corporation
 James Annable, Federal Advisory Council
 Britton Lombardi, Federal Advisory Council
Elizabeth Warren
Damon Silvers, AFL-CIO
Elizabeth Warren
Wade Henderson, , Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights (LCCHR)
 Rob Randhava, Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights (LCCHR)
 Shanna Smith, , National Fair Housing Alliance (NFHA)
 Lisa Rice, National Fair Housing Alliance (NFHA)
 Leslie Proll, NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund
 Raul Gonzalez, National Council of La Raza
 Graciela Aponte, National Council of La Raza
 Keith Bernard Corbett, Center for Responsible Lending
Mary Miller
Volcker Rule
Eric Veiel, T. Rowe Price
 Daniel Chou-Sang Ko, Putnam Investments
 William Robbins, Capital Research And Management
 Farhad Nanji, Highfields Capital
 James Thomas Corcoran, Highfields Capital
 Luna Federici, Glenview Capital
 Richard Erin Caddell, Hovde Capital
 David Edward Barrosse, Capstone
 Evan Glenn Thomas, Capstone
Mary Miller
 Don Graves
 Charles Yi
Sarah Wartell, Center for American Progress
 Barry Zigas, Consumer Federation of America
 Susan Wachter, Wharton School of Business
 Ellen Seidman, New America Foundation
 David Abramowitz, Center for American Progress
Elizabeth Warren
Angela Shen-Hsieh, Visual I/O
 Suzanne Shu, UCLA, Anderson School of Management
 Nick Souleles, Wharton School of Business
 Betsey Stevenson, Department of Labor
 Sam Truslow, IDEO
 Tara Twomey, National Consumer Law Center and Stanford University, School of Law
 Kurt Usowski, Housing and Urban Development
 Susan Woodward, Sandhill Econometrics
 Shagufta Ahmed, Office of Management and Budget
 James Ahn, Office of US Senator Jack Reed
 Graciela Aponte, National Council of La Raza
 Erin Barry, Office of US Senator Tim Johnson
 Deborah Bosley, UNC Charlotte
 Raphael Bostic, Housing and Urban Development
 Monica Bueno, Principal Continuum
 Paul Ceja, Housing and Urban Development
 Dana Chisnell, UsabilityWorks
 J. Michael Collins, University of Wisconsin
 John Crenshaw, Capital One
 Tom Durkin, Federal Reserve Board
 Allen Fishbein, Federal Reserve Board
 Michael Fitzpatrick, Office of Management and Budget
 Catherine Galicia, Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs
 Lori Gay, Los Angeles Neighborhood Housing Services
 Dan Goldstein, Yahoo Research and London Business School
 Manoj Hastak, American University, School of Business
 Charlene Haykel, The Haykel Group, LLC
 Jeanne Hogarth, Federal Reserve Board
 Karen Hoskins, NeighborWorks America
 Eric Johnson, Columbia University, School of Business
 Travis Johnson, Office of US Senator David Vitter
 Christine Jolls, National Bureau of Economic Research and Yale University, School of Law
 John Kozup, Villanova University
 Sheilah Goodman, Fannie Mae
 Gail Laster, House Committee on Financial Services
 Marcia Lausen, Studio/lab
 Wilhelmina Leigh, Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies
Lewis Alexander
Ron Jordan, DTCC
Lewis Alexander
Scott Preiss, CUSIP Global Services
Lewis Alexander
Richard Berner, Morgan Stanley
Lewis Alexander
Robert Casper, Morgan Stanley
Elizabeth Warren
Pam Banks, Consumers Union
 Ellen Bloom, Consumers Union
 Niko Canner, Booz & Company
 Ethan Cohen-Cole, University of Maryland, School of Business
 Eleni Constantine, PEW Charitable Trusts
 Mitch Delk, Ben Barnes Group LP
 Hilary Doe, The Roosevelt Institute
 Kathryn Greenberg, The Democracy Alliance
 Lisa Guide, Rockefeller Family Fund
 Jacob Hacker, Yale University
 Nick Hanauer, Second Avenue Partners and The True Patriot Network
 Ilyse Hoge, MoveOn
 James Flug, Harvard University, School of Law
 Clay Johnson, Sunlight Labs
 Mike Konczal, The Roosevelt Institute
 Peter Kovler, Philanthropic Fund and Center for National Policy
 Marjorie Kovler, Philanthropic Fund and Center for National Policy
 James Kwak, Baseline Scenario
 Stephen Lerner, SEIU
 Adam Levitin, Georgetown University, School of Law
 Eric Liu, The True Patriot Network
 Annamaria Lusardi, Dartmouth College
 Cathy Mansfield, Americans for Fairness in Lending
 Ed Mierzwinski, U.S. PIRG
 Shanti Nayak , The Roosevelt Institute
 Yuki Noguchi, National Public Radio
 Karen Pence, Federal Reserve Board
 Brian Bucks, Federal Reserve Board
 Travis Plunkett, Consumer Federation of America
 Katie Porter, University of Iowa, School of Law
 Mark Redmiles, US Trustee Program, Justice Department
 Scott Reed, Chesapeake Enterprises
 Andy Rich, The Roosevelt Institute
 Paul Rudd, Adaptive Analytics
 Lauren Saunders, National Consumer Law Center
 Edldar Shafir, Princeton University
 Maureen Thompson, The Hastings Group
 James Tierney, Columbia University, School of Law
 Tara Twomey, National Consumer Law Center
 Lee Wasserman, Rockefeller Family Fund
 Alan White, Valparaiso University, School of Law
 Arthur Wilmarth, George Washington University, School of Law
Secretary Geithner
 Jeffrey Goldstein
Jamie Dimon, JP Morgan
 Peter Scher, JP Morgan
Elizabeth Warren
Brian Moynihan, Bank of America
 Anne Finucane, Bank of America
 John Collingwood, Bank of America
Don Graves
Janis Bowdler, National Council of La Raza
Elizabeth Warren
Mike Culpepper, 1st Franklin Financial Corporation
 Virginia Herring, 1st Franklin Financial Corporation
 Michele Battaline, American Financial Services Association
 Jenny Bengtson, American Financial Services Association
 Danielle Arlowe, American Financial Services Association
 Matthew Gannon, American Financial Services Association
 Sheilah Harrison, American Financial Services Association
 Bill Himpler, American Financial Services Association
 Karen Klugh, American Financial Services Association
 Thomas Morano, American Financial Services Association
 Chris Stinebert, American Financial Services Association
 Andrew Morrison, Brundage Management/Sun Loan Company
 Michael Calhoun, Center for Responsible Lending
 Stephen Brobeck, Consumer Federation of America
 Thomas Boyd, DLA Piper
 John Tucker, First Tower Corp
 Thomas Durkin, George Mason Univeristy
 Min Hwang, George Washington University School of Business
 Timothy Stanley, Heights Finance Corp
 Michael Benoit, Hudson Cook, LLP
 Samuel Asbury, Lancaster Financial Services
 Keith Lewis, Lancaster Financial Services
 Steven Schmelzer, Personal Finance Company, LLC
 Thomas Fortin, Regional Management Corp
 Lee Holzman, Reliable Credit Association
 Gary Phillips, Republic Finance, LLC
 Frank Salinger, Salinger Law Firm
 Phillip Holt, Security Finance Corporation of Spartanburg
 Nathan Benson, Tidewater Finance Company
 Jonathan Levin, Turner Acceptance Corporation
 James Hudgins, Western-Shamrock Corp
 Scott Wisniewski, Western-Shamrock Corp
 Donald Lampe, Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice PLLC
 Sandy McLean, World Acceptance Corporation
 Mark Roland, World Acceptance Corporation
Elizabeth Warren
Kim Wallin, Nevada State Controller
 John Pollara, Institute of Management Accountants
 T. David Colgren, ColcomGroup
Elizabeth Warren
Cynthia Blankenship, Independent Bankers Association of Texas (IBAT) and Bank of the West, Grapevine
 Scott Heitkamp, IBAT and ValueBank, Corpus Christi
 Cliff McCauley, IBAT and Frost Bank, San Antonio
 Milton McGee, IBAT
 Karen Neeley, IBAT
 Jimmy Rasmussen, IBAT and HomeTownBank, N.A., Galveston
 Troy Robinson, IBAT and Bank Texas, N.A., Quitman
 Steve Scurlock, IBAT
 Tom Sellers, IBAT and Alliance Bank, Sulphur Springs
 Gary Wells, IBAT and Happy State Bank, Amarillo
 David Williams, IBAT and HCSB, Kerrville
 Chris Williston, IBAT
 Jim Wise, Pace, LLP.
Elizabeth Warren
Jeffrey Allen, CSBS
 John Ryan, CSBS
 Bill Cheney, CUNA
 Robert Marhman, FINRA
 Jose Arriola, Inktel
 David French, International Franchise Association
 Bill Imada, IW Group, Inc.
 Barbara Gault, IWPR
 Royce Brooks, Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies
 Ann Sullivan, Madison Services Group
 Roger Campos, MBRT
 Deborah Rosado Shaw, MultiEthnic Success
 Hilary Shelton, NAACP
 Deseree Gardner, NACo
 Fred Becker, NAFCU
 Tony Wilkinson, NAGGL
 Farzin Khan, NAS
 Brett Palmer, NASBIC
 Stephanie Myers, NASDB
 Robert Beene, NASE
 Michael Grant, National Bankers Association
 Christopher Walters, National Federation of Independent Business
 David Koenig, National Restaurant Association
 Stephen Denlinger, NHCA
 Francisco Santafelix, NHCSL
 Michael Wallace, NLC
 Joset Wright, NMSDC
 Kyle Kempf, NSBA
 Todd McCracken, NSBA
 Emily Petty, NWBC
 Bill Daley, NWFCO
 Kouri Marshall, Operation HOPE
 Sharon Jones, Operation HOPE
 John Satagaj, SBLC
 Joshua Smith, SCORE
 Rhett Buttle, Small Business Majority
 Mark Kaufman, State of Maryland
 Padma Allen, TechnoDyne
 Adaora Udoji, The Council of Urban Professionals
 Michael Dutton, The Executive Leadership Council
 Giovanni Coratolo, U.S. Chamber of Commerce
 Kevin Rosenbaum, United States Patent and Trademark Office
 Adrienne Whitake, Urban Financial Services Coalition
 Ditu Kasuyi, Urban Financial Services Coalition
 Saifur Rehman, USPAACC
 Brian Moran, Veracle Media/Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council
 Lara Hinz, WISER
 Cristy McCullough, Women's Business Enterprise National Council
 Dilawar Syed, Yonja Media
Lewis Alexander
Darcy Bradbury, DE Shaw
Gabrielle Trebat
 Volcker Rule
Bryan Corbett, Carlyle
 David Pearson, Carlyle
 Jason Mulvihill, Private Equity Growth Capital Council
 Michael Harrell, Debevoise & Plimpton
 Satish Kini, Debevoise & Plimpton
 Steve Judge, Private Equity Growth Capital Council
Neal Wolin
Roger Liddell, LCH.Clearnet
 Natasha Angus, LCH.Clearnet
 Simon Grensted, LCH.Clearnet
 Mitchell Feuer, Rich Feuer Group
 Peter Rich, Rich Feuer Group
Don Graves
Mike Morial, National Urban League
Elizabeth Warren
Adam Levitin, Georgetown University, School of Law
Elizabeth Warren
Fred Becker, National Association of Federal Credit Unions
Elizabeth Warren
Steve Bartlett, Financial Services Roundtable
 Scott Talbot, Financial Services Roundtable
Secretary Geithner
 Gene Sperling
 Mark Patterson
 Gabrielle Trebat
Wade Henderson, Leadership Conference on Human and Civil Rights (LCCR)
 Larry Mishel, Economic Policy Institute (EPI)
 Marc Morial, National Urban League (NUL)
 John Podesta, Center for American Progress (CAP)
 Janet Murguia,  National Council of La Raza
 Mary Kay Henry, SEIU
 Roslyn Brock, NAACP
 Jared Bernstein, White House
Mary Miller
Volcker Rule
Bridget Hagan, Nationwide
 Denise Ferguson, Ameriprise
 Jay Rosenblum, Hartford
 Jessica Killin, Usaa
 Jim Morrill, Lincoln
 Kristin Smith, Metlife
 Langston Emerson, Tiaa-Cref
 Lucia Riddle, Principal
 Nancy Baran, Prudential
 Melissa Bonicelli, Thrivent
 Paul Lee, Debevoise
 Rashmi Sutton, Allianz
 Steve Zimmerman, John Hancock
 Kim Dorgan,  ACLI
 J.C. Scott,  ACLI
 Maurice Perkins,  ACLI
 Gary Hughes,  ACLI
 Julie Spiezio, ACLI
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