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 Dodd Frank Implementation May 2011

Treasury Official
Visitor and Affiliation
Jeffrey Goldstein
Phil Laskawy, Fannie Mae
Mark Sobel
Dave Matcham, International Underwriting Association
Elizabeth Warren
Gary Oltmann, Arkansas County Bank
Milton Smith, First National Bank Steve Stafford, First National Bank
Richard Trammell, ACB
George Worthen, Bank of Little Rock
Candance Fransk, Arkanasa State Bank Commissioner
Susannah Marshall, Arkansas State Bank Commissioner
Luther Guinn, Deputy Arkansas Styate Bank Commissioner
Elizabeth Warren
Karen Thomas, Independent Community Bankers of America
Viveca Ware, Independent Community Bankers of America
Joe Pierce, Farmers State Bank
James P. Doyle, Old Town Bank
William Wubben, Apple River State Bank
Gary Oltmann, Arkansas Coutny Bank
Richard G, Trammell, Arkanasas Community Bankers Association
Candace Franks, Arkansas State Bank Department
Susannah Marshall, Arkansas State Bank Department
Luther Guinn, Arkansas State Bank Department
Steven C. Yeakel, Montana Independent Bankers
John G. Thompson, The Bank of New Glarus
Mike Ellenberg, First Southern State Bank
Glen Thurman, First National Bank of Moody Texas
Robin Cummings, Altrust Financial Services, Inc.
Robin Loftus, Security Bank
Erik Skovgard, LSB Financial
Paul H. Weston, ICBA Bancard, Inc & TCM Bank, N.A.
Mark Johnson, Kennebec Savings Bank
Robert Palmer, Community Bankers Association of Ohio
Eric Gillett, Sutton Bank
Steve Burns, Greenville National Bank
Thomas Cladwell, The Middlefield Banking Co.
Dean Keller, First National Bank of Sycamore
G. Michael Simpson, Cumberland Security Bank, Inc.
Robert Dieterich, 1st National Bank of Scotia
Elizabeth Warren
Janie Ashworth, Carlinville National Bank
Jim Ashworth, Carlinville National Bank Steve Backlund, Better Banks
Phil Battery, Promontory Interfinancial Network
Kevin Beckemeyer, Legence Bank
Ryan Beckemeyer, Legence Bank
Brad Coats, First Community Bank & Trust
Kathleen Cook, The Village Bank
Christy Dorsey, First National Bank in Staunton
John Dorsey, First National Bank in Staunton
Mike Estes, The Fisher National Bank
David Feldhaus, Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago
Mark Field, The Farmers Bank of Liberty
Matthew Gambs, Diamond Bank
Dax Garrison, Community Trust Bank
Thomas Gooding, First Community Bank of Hillsboro
Todd Grayson, South Central Bank
Peter Gutzmer, Independent Community Bankers of America
Dennis Hesker, The First National Bank of Okawville
Rick Jameson, Morton Community Bank
Gerald Johnson, Grand Ridge National Bank
Mike Kelley, Community BancService Corporation, Inc.
Sande Kelley, Community BancService Corporation, Inc.
Dorothy Klohn, Federated Investors, Inc.
Milt Klohn, Federated Investors, Inc.
Roger Lehmann, The Harvard State Bank
Robin Loftus, Security Bank
Joy Long, Independent Community Bankers of America
Kraig Lounsberry, Communtiy Bankers Association of Illinois
Ronald Minnaert, State Bank of Graymont
Carl Moran, White Hall Bank
DeAnn Muehlhauser, The First National Bank of Okawville
Pat O'Brien, HomeState Bank and Financial Services
Gre Ohlendorf, First Community Bank & Trust
Angela Rowe, Legence Bank
Martin Rowe, Legence Bank
John Ryan, Conference State Bank Supervisors
David Schroeder, Community Bankers Association of Illinois
Jim Smith, HomeStae Bank and Financial Services
Preston Smith, The First National Bank
Jeff Sterling, Germann-American State Bank
Aaron Stetter, Independent Community Bankers of America
Mary Sulser, Buena Vista National Bank
Art Wilmarth, George Washington University Law School
Dianne Wingert, Community Bankers Association of Illinois
Robert Wingert, Community Bankers Association of Illinois
William Wubben, Apple River State Bank Scales
Larry Ziglar, First national Bank in Staunton
Virginia Ziglar, First National Bank in Staunton
Neal Wolin
Capital & Liquidity
Takumi Shibata, Nomura Holdings
Takeo Sumino, Nomura Holdings North America
Heather Wingate, Nomura Holdings North America
Aaron Klein
Peter Knight, Federal Home Loan Bank
Winthrop Watson, Winthrop Watson
Dana Yealy, Winthrop Watson
Neal Wolin
Mary Miller
Matt Rutherford
Amias Gerety
Volcker Rule
Keith Anderson, Soros Fund Management LLC
Curtis Arledge, BNY Mellon
Richard Axilrod, Moore Capital Management
Ian Banwell, Round Table IMC
Jason Cummins, Brevin Howard
Dana Emery, Dodge & Cox
Paul Jones, Tudor Investment Corporation
Walter Muller, Bank of America
Jeff Phlegar, Alliance Bernstein Special Opportunities and Advisory Services
Ruth Porat, Morgan Stanley
Steven Rodosky, PIMCO
Richard Tang, RBS
Steven Walsh, Western Asset Management Co.
Ashok Varadhan, Goldman Sachs & Co.
Matt Zames, J.P. Morgan
Elizabeth Warren
Chris Anulewicz, Balch & Bingham, LLP
Brad Barber, Commercial Banking Company
Ken Bibb, The Geo. D. Warthen Bank
Jerry Blanchard, Bryan Cave, LLP
Joe Brannen, Georgia Bankers Association
Elizabeth Chandler, Georgia Bankers Association
Ray Chitty, Guardian Bank
Parrish Clark, Jr., Guardian Bank
Rick Drews, Jr. Century Bank of Georgia
Jim Edwards, Jr., United Bank
Chuck Haley, The Peoples Bank
Harmon Harmon, Wells Fargo
John Helmken, Jr., The Savannah Bancorp, Inc.
Lindsey Johnson, Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta
Walt Jones, Balch & Bingham, LLP
Dell Keith, Bryan Bank & Trust
Chris Kratzer, Fedral Home Loan Bank of Atlanta
Stan Kryder, Midtown Bank of Trust Company
Rocky Lipham, III, Community & Southern Bank
Donnie Luker, Mauldin & Jenkins, LLC
David Marmins, Balch & Bingham, LLP
Jackson McConnell, Jr., Pinnacle Bank
Greg Michell, Balch & Bingham, LLP
David Oliver, Georgia Bankers Association
Hugh Peterson, III, McNatt, Greene & Peterson
Hugh Peterson, Jr., Northwest Georgia Bank
Palmer Proctor, Jr., Fidelity Bank
Scott Smith, Northwest Georgia Bank
Wes Smith, Northwest Georgia Bank
Bill Stump, Jr., Community Bank
Mary Wasaff, BB&T
Brad Watkins, State Bank & Trust Company
Rick Whaley, The Citizens Bank of Americus
Andy Williams, III, United Community Bank
Eric Wimbush, Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta
Kevin Wyckoff, Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta
Elizabeth Warren
Hikmet Ersek, Western Union
Mark Sobel
Systemic Risk
Heightened Prudential Standards
Capital & Liquidity
Kathryn Hauser, Transatlantic Business Dialogue (TABD)
Jeffries Briginshaw, TABD
Gary Litman, US Chamber of Commerce
Fiona Bell, Price Waterhouse Coopers
David Gruner, Deloitte
Steffen Kern, Deutsche Bank
Sebastian Fairhurst, European Financial Services Roundtable
Francisco Javier Arias Martin, BBVA
Elizabeth Warren
Todd Turner, Attorney
Dr. Judith Urich, Family Economics Darrin Williams, Little Rock State Representative
Dr. Mary Ann Campbell, University of Central Arkansas
Rev. Stephen Copley, Chair of the Arkansas Interfaith Alliance
Dickson Bell, Arkansas Community Housing Corporation
Jean Turner Carter, Center for Arkansas Legal Services
Charles Deville, Jr., Consumer Credit Counseling/ Family Services Agency
Lori Plant, Better Business Bureau of Arkansas
Hank Klein, Arkansas Against Abusive Predatory Lending
Paul Kelly, Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families
Michael Rowett, Arkansas AARP
Maria Reynolds-Diaz, Arkansas AARP
Mary Dillard, Arkansas AARP
Amber Stubbs, U.S. Citizens for Fair Credit Card Terms
Neal Wolin
Edmund Kelly, Liberty Mutual
Paul Mattera, Liberty Mutual
Elizabeth Warren
Hilary Shelton, NAACP
Elizabeth Warren
Jay Shipowitz, Ace Cash Express
Elizabeth Warren
Yvonne Mariajimenez, One LA
Tom Holler, One LA
Mark Linder, COPA
Joe Rubio, Valley Interfaith Project
Bonnie Campbell, AMOS
Paul Turner, AMOS
Minerva Camarena Skeith, Austin Interfaith
Jorge Montiel, COPS/Metro
Rev. Dan Smith, Greater Boston Interfaith Organization
Nahama Nadich, GBIO
Cheri Andes, GBIO
Rev. Carletta Allen, People Acting Together in Howard
Rev. Jeff MacKnight, Action in Montgomery
Bishop Doug Miles, Baltimoreans United in Leadership Development
Rev. Roger Gench, Washington Interfaith Network
Rev. Clyde Ellis, Virginians Organizied for Interfaith Community Engagement
Martin Trimble, VOICE
Rev. Patrick O'Connor, Empowered Queens United in Action and Leadership
Elizabeth Warren
Jack Remondi, Sallie Mae
Jeffrey Goldstein
Capital & Liquidity
Robert Kelly, BNY Mellon
Richard Davis, U.S. Bancorp
Courtney Geduldig, Financial Services Forum
John Dearie, Financial Services Forum
Elizabeth Warren
Prabha Ram, American Century Investments
Bill Rubin, Black Financial Management
Dimitri Egorov, Brookside Capital Partners
Chip Fortson, Carlson Capital
Jeff Rapaport, Caxton Asset Management
Ted Paluszek, Columbia Management
Steve Austin, Diamondback Capital Management
Vincent Montemaggiore, Fidelity
Yuriy Berdichevsky, GLG Partners
Daniel Zimmerman, Goldman Sachs Asset Management
Ron Mandle, Government of Signapore Investment Coproration PTE LTD
Craig Peskin, Highfields Capital
Steve Wharton, J. P. Morgan Asset Management
Neale Trangucci, Mason Capital Management LLC
Tom Doheny, Plural Investments
Craig Addeo, Maverick Capital
Justin Livengood, Oppenheimer Funds
Andrew Hoine, Paulson & Co
Todd Herlihy, PointState Capital LP (Duquesne)
Pierre Revol, SAC Capitol Advisors LLC
Joe DiGiacomo, Samlyn Capital
Chris Fortune, T. Rowe Price Group
Seth Bienstock, Times Square Capital
Gregory Vasse, Times Square Capital
David Honold, Turner Investment Partners
Steven Alexopoulos, J. P. Morgan
Reeti Dixti, J. P. Morgan
Adriana Roitstein, J. P. Morgan
Dan Antonelli, J. P. Morgan
Noelle Grainger, J.P. Morgan
Andrew Skala, J. P. Morgan
Nick Rosato, J. P. Morgan
Neal Wolin
Nancy Fox, Adelaide Managed Funds Ltd
Angus Stewart, American Chamber of Commerce in Australia
Warwick Smith, ANZ Banking Group Limited
Janie Wanless, Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Amanda Dobbie, Bloomberg LP
Bill McCully, BNP Paribas
Mike Bosch, Capital Investment Management
Ben McCarthy, Fitch Ratings
Chris Crowder, General Reinsurance Australia Ltd
Gayle Tollifson, Genworth Financial
Kristen Foster, Genworth Financial
Rob Foale, Goldman Sachs
Joseph Fayyad, Goldman Sachs
John McKenna, HSBC
Adrienne Revai, Jones Lang LaSalle
John Wills, Jones Lang LaSalle
Eric Schimpf, Macquarie Private Wealth
Eric Reisenwitz, MetLife Insurance Limited
Stewart Adams, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney
Anthony Serhan, Morningstar
Bill Testa, PricewaterhouseCoopers
Hugh Harley, PricewaterhouseCoopers Services
Oscar Ludwigson, Royal Bank of Scotland
Nick Rowe, Restructuring Associates Inc.
Simon Perrott, Royal Bank of Scotland
Paul Anderssen, State Street Bank & Trust Company
Frank Newman, State Street Bank & Trust Company
William Brown, Westpac Banking Corporation
Angus Stewart, American Chamber of Commerce in Australia
Katie Keshan, American Chamber of Commerce in Australia
Jeffrey Goldstein
Larry Fink, BlackRock Financial Management
Amias Gerety
Volcker Rule
Stephen Albrecht, General Electric
Elizabeth Warren
Steve Bartlett, Financial Services Roundtable
Scott Talbot, FSR
Anne Wallace, FSR
Neal Wolin
Gail Kelly, Westpac
Ralph Norris, Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Rob Priestley, JPMorgan
Andrew Best, JP Morgan
Howard Silby, NAB
Craig Drummond, Bank of America
Mary Miller
Robert Toomey, SIFMA
Kenneth Bentsen, Jr., SIFMA
James Kemp, AFME
Mary Miller
Darcy Bradbury, D.E. Shaw
Richard Berner
Paul Seith, Equifax
Elizabeth Warren
Elizabeth Eurgubian, Independent Community Bankers of America
Ron Haynie, Independent Community Bankers Association
Dave Kelly, CorTrust Bank
Chris Reddick, Burke & Hurburt Bank
Chris Ford, Burke & Hurburt Bank
Jane Flaherty, Standard Bank
Paul Michaud, Essex Bank
Rich Yeager, CCLV
Timur Tunador, Cardinal Bank
Joseph Bouffard, Baltimore County Savings Bank
Robert DeAlmeida, Hamilton Federal Bank
Pam Lipscomb, First United Bank & Trust
Carolyn Mroz, Bay-Vanguard MHC
Michael Shaughnessy, Ulster Savings Bank
Frank Sorrentino, North Jersey Coummnity Bank
Marion Mondor, Monument Bank
Rod Alba, American Bankers Association
Christine Walika, American Banakers Association
Elizabeth Warren
Ed Mierzwinski, US PIRG
David Berenbaum, NCRC
Travis Plunkett, CFA
Nina Simon, Center for Responsible Lending
Kate Titford, Neighborworks
John Carey, Americans for Financial Reform
Ira Rheingold, NACA
Margot Saunders, NCLC
Rob Randhava, Lerdership Council on Civil & Human Rights
Diana Cipollone, National Fair Housing Alliance
Elizabeth Warren
Dillon Shea, National Association of Federal Credit Unions
Dan Berger, National Association of Federal Credit Unions
Mary Dunn, Credity Union National Association
Michael Edwards, Credit Union National Association
Thomas Noto, Bank of America
Kathy Gray, Wells Fargo
Kyung Cho-Miller, JP Morgan Chase
Doug Webb, Citibank
Rich Riese, American Bankers Association
Rod Alba, American Bankers Association
Vicki Vidal, Mortgage Bankers Association
Tamara King, Mortgage Bankers Assocation
Katie, Wechsler, Financial Services Roundtable
Anne Wallace, Financial Services Roundtable
Pace Bradshaw, Consumer Bankers Association
Steve Zeisel, Consumer Bankers Association
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Last Updated: 6/30/2011 7:48 PM

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