Dodd Frank Implementation July 2012

Treasury Official
Visitor and Affiliation
Amias Gerety
Systemic Risk
David Jasper, Moore Capital
Francis J. Browne, Soros Fund Management
Diego Luciano Sasson, Goldman Sachs Management
Scott Brown Evans, DGF Services
Erin F. Browne, SAC
Matias Silvani, JP Morgan Chase Management
James Alexander Doswell, Marathon Asset Management
Jason Bonanca, MKP Capital Management
Felix M. Monsen, Government of Singapore Investment Corporation
 Alberto Ades, Bank of America - Merrill Lynch
Edward Jeffrey Hill, Bank of America - Merrill Lynch
Michele Meyer, Bank of America - Merrill Lynch
Amias Gerety
Volcker Rule
Ward March, Citi-TOBS
Joe Geraci, Citi-TOBS
John Heppolette, Citi-TOBS
Peter O'Connor, Citi-TOBS
Sarah Sullivan, Citi-TOBS
Deputy Secretary Wolin
Heightened Prudential Standards
Jeff Shafer, Standard and Poors
Doug Peterson, Standard and Poors
David Wargin, Standard and Poors
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