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Dodd Frank Implementation August 2012

Treasury Official
Visitor and Affiliation
Deputy Secretary Wolin
Richard Berner
Amias Gerety
Richard Baker, Managed Funds Association
William Goodell, Maverick Capital Ltd
David Haley, HBK Investments
Paul Friedman, BlueMountain Capital Management
Steven Galbraith, Maverick Capital Ltd
Eric Komitee, Viking Global Investors LP
Tracie Ahern, Soros Fund Management LLC
Roger Hollingsworth, Managed Funds Association
Amias Gerety
Lance Auer
Josh Raymond, GE Capital
Jessica Mandel, Credit Suisse
John Collingwood, Bank of America
Dean Pappas, Allstate Insurance
Kyle Russ, Goldman Sachs
Andy Blocker, UBS
Sheila Greenwood, Prudential
Jim Febeo, Fidelity
Darren Trigonoplos, AIG
Jim Donnellan, MetLife
Tom Rosenkoetter, HSBC
Christopher Rosello, Wells Fargo
Rob Nichols, Financial Services Forum
John R. Dearie, Financial Services Forum
Courtney Geduldig, Financial Services Forum
Emily Dagher, Financial Services Forum
Jen Scungio, Financial Services Forum
Deputy Secretary Wolin
Amias Gerety
Capital & Liquidity
Dennis Kelleher, Better Markets
Marcus Jarsulic, Better Markets
Deputy Secretary Wolin
Amias Gerety
Kathleen Mellody
Volcker Rule
Lisa Donner, Americans for Financial Reform
Barbara Roper, Consumer Federation of America
Heather Slavkin, AFL-CIO
Travis Plunkett, Consumer Federation of America
Edwin Mierzwinski, The Federation of State Public Interest Research Groups
Lisa Gilbert, Public Citizen
Nancy Zirkin, The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights
Gary Kalman, The Federation of State Public Interest Research Groups
Deputy Secretary Wolin
Don Graves
Heightened Prudential Standards
Capital & Liquidity
Frank Keating, American Bankers Association (ABA)
Stephanie O'Keefe, ABA
Albert C. Kelly Jr., Spirit Bank, ABA
Jeffrey L. Plagge, Northwest Financial Corp., ABA
Stephen P. Wilson, LNCB Corp., ABA
John A. Ikard, FirstBank Holding Co., ABA
Frank Sorrentino III, North Jersey Community Bank, ABA
Joseph R. Ficalora, New York Community Bancorp, ABA
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