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Notice: Proposed use of Tier 3 Web Measurement and Customization Technology
The United States Mint is replacing its Integrated Retail Information System, the system it currently uses to manage its numismatic products and services, with the Order Management System II (OMS II). OMS II is a next generation online retail sales and fulfillment system that will allow the United States Mint to continue to conduct its numismatic program in a productive, reliable and secure manner, while at the same time providing the online consumer an experience comparable to electronic commerce retail industry standards. OMS II will use Tier 2 and 3 web measurement and customization technologies to maximize the marketing capabilities of the OMS II environment and to improve the functionality and shopping experience the United States Mint offers its customers. For additional information about how OMS II will use these technologies, please review the following documentation:
  • OMB M-10-22: Required Additions to the Agency Privacy Policy when Using Web Measurement and Customization Technologies
  • Privacy Impact Assessment (Draft): Order Management System II
Last Updated: 9/18/2014 8:25 AM